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Drug Policy Rendered Down
Monday 22 December 2008, 11:21AM
By Peter Hodge
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Blair Anderson of the Mild Greens has posted an interesting widget/graph on . 

I spent quite some time exploring different trains of thought using this tool and found the widget revealed some interesting perspectives on my current views about legalising drugs. 

The widget also posed some questions I had not considered before and offered insights into how the other side think.

The widget/graph was maded with 

Nice post Blair


Jenese James, 23 December 2008, 10:23AM

 Interesting – but there are some things we need to remember before we forget

Regarding alcohol - information coming out now suggests that historically alcohol was prohibited not because of its damaging and deadly effects in the hands of ‘man’ but because of its use as a fuel which threatened the oil industry !

Like wise Cannabis/Hemp which only in recent decades was ordered to have low THC - was also deemed illegal by vested business interests, Du Pont who wanted to make oil based nylons and plastics to replace the stronger more natural hemp which had been used for centuries and Hearst newspapers who wanted to cut down trees for paper having vested heavily in forestry for the purpose of supplying his news paper chain – thus a PR of hysteria was mounted and wholla what humanity had enjoyed for all its many uses was deemed illegal and still is both as a recreational relaxant and as an industry

I recently watched a doco drama based on the idea that all drugs where legal - there was the usual hysteria but it posed some very interesting questions

however as far as substances being deemed illegal most of us know that any one of us could walk out of our house ask a few people and within 24 hours find any drug of our choice – with the possible exception of cocaine which might take longer – but it reveals that despite being illegal so called ‘drugs’ are available if you know where to look making a mockery of the so called ‘war’ on drugs – if some one wants some substance then its not hard to find – what is hard to find is information about it i.e side affects and risks etc

take LSD for instance and E – both of these have decades of scientific researched papers revealing their dangers and their benefits – yet when both these drugs hit the streets way back in the 60’s NONE of the info researched by government agencies which had used them in therapies was available and they are still not widely known - another hysterical PR campaign was launched to the unquestioning gullible public – thus the truth of these ‘drug’s was lost and fear over rode all

Meanwhile alcohol of all the drugs humanity could have legalised has caused so much damage and heartbreak including deaths – however in a world hell bent on control and domination of all it survey’s- the legalisation of alcohol makes logical sense because it suppresses the spirit/being of an individual – i.e it’s a downer ‘drug’ - it imbeds unconsciousness – which is why society keeps getting the behaviour it does and why its now taking moves to seriously reign it in with liquor bans every where

Today the history of many of our illegal drugs has been lost in a sea of PR hysteria in order to scare people into compliance – this is what a control and domination paradigm does and the MO works every time

Here is an interesting quote from Terrence McKenna who was to psilocybin what Timothy Leary was to Acid

"My notion of what the psychodelic experience is for - is that we each become like fisher men and go out into the dark ocean of mind and let your nets down into that sea and what your after is NOT some behemoth that will tear through your nets foul them and drag you and your boat into the abyss – nor are what we are looking for a bunch of sardines that can slip through your net and disappear – ideas like have you ever noticed how your little finger exactly fits your nostril – No what we are looking for is middle size that are not so small that they are trivial and not so large that they are incomprehensible but mid size ideas that we can take back to the folks back on shore and have fish dinner

And everyone of us when we go into the psychodelic state – this is what we should be looking for – its NOT for your elucidation – its not part of your self directed psycho therapy – you are an explorer and you represent our species and the greatest good you could do is bring back a new idea – because our world is in absence of new/good ideas – our world is in crisis because of the absence of consciousness and so to what ever degree any one of us can bring back a small piece of the picture and contribute it to the building of a new paradigm them we participate to the redemption of the human spirit - and that after all is what it is all about "

McKenna was the greatest western shaman explorer/adventure we have ever had and he left behind volumes of wisdom – and when it gets right down to it – humanities unconscious desire to ‘take drugs’ as it has been demeaned - arises out of our innate shamanistic tribal roots – long forgotten and now completely out of context and abused

Fraser Mills, 23 December 2008, 11:56AM

Yeah, that debate graph is a great tool and I spent a bit of time checking it out. Thanks Blair and Peter. INDEX