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Prisons filled because of cannabis law
Friday 17 July 2009, 1:26PM
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"The gateway to - and bread and butter of - our justice system is the dysfunctional black market status for cannabis". New Zealand has a disgracefully high imprisonment rate, second only to the USA and closing rapidly. "Criminalisation chickens have come home to roost", says ALCP president Kevin O’Connell.

"It is unhelpful that media and mainstream commentators seem unable to link the debate about prisons and crime and victims, with the unresolved debate going back over a quarter century on an appropriate and workable legal status for cannabis." Missing from the range of strategies suggested by everyone, including Chief Justice Sian Elias, is the glaringly obvious decriminalisation of marijuana use.

There is no evidence that cannabis prohibition works, or protects anyone in the community. The black market is thriving, the criminality gateway is wide open, and prisons are bulging at the seams.

"Take the heat off the cannabis scene by deglamorising the plant. Restore a credible rule of law, and personal responsibility so that adults are treated like adults. Make cannabis a restricted R18 substance under existing provisions of the Misuse of Drugs Act.."

The ALCP say voters are increasingly aware that they are being hoodwinked. If we really want to take the pressure off prisons and victims - and taxpayers - NZ desperately needs to decriminalise and regulate.


Kevin O'Connell 027 265 7064


Jeff Lye, 23 July 2009, 5:07PM

 I have recently become aware of a fellow cannabis user who has been incarcerated for cultivation charges is getting a rough time while in jail. Now this person in question is otherwise a law abiding citizen who pays his taxes and has no victims and his only ""crime""" is to grow a bit of pot for medicinal purposes is repeatidly beaten and picked on, has to go barefoot because his shoes keep getting taken off him and is stood over every morning for his toast.  He has become very withdrawn, depressed and reclusive opting to shy away in a corner reading a book wondering when and where the next attack is coming from.

this is an atrocious and appaling way for one of our fellow New Zealanders to be treated for doing nothing wrong or at least a crime where there was no victim or any kind of offensive behaviour.

So i ask the Chief Justice Sian Elias, the Minister of Justice, the Minister of Police, the entire National Party and any other sitting MP's that voted against Metiria Turei's Bill to stand up and take responsibility for the health and well being of our friend and fellow New Zealander

 after all isn't that why he was locked up for his own health and well being

                                                                what a joke

Jeff Lye

ALCP Waitakere City

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