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Phil Wood - Powering into the end of the day 2 Kayak CREDIT:

Wild About - Team winners Casio Coromndel Classic CREDIT:

Ready to go - 8th Casio Coromandel Classic Day 2 CREDIT:

Kayaking up river - Casio Coromandel Classic CREDIT:

Tauranga Boys Team - Casio Coromandel Classic CREDIT:

Laying in wait - first transition day two CREDIT:

Two kayakers navigating their way up stream CREDIT:

Off into the sun rise - Casio Coromandel Classic 2007 CREDIT:

Brad Smith fights his way to shore at transition one - day two CREDIT:

Rachel Cashin - Winner - Casio Coromandel Classic 2007 CREDIT:

Brad Smith - fighting for the lead on day two CREDIT:

Highlights from day two - Casio Coromandel Classic
Monday 27 August 2007, 3:23PM


Day two of the Coromandel Classic turned out some leader place changes and some stunning times with the winner Phil Wood finishing more than 3 minutes ahead of Brad Smith who had lead after day one.

Highlights - day two

post race interviews:

Wild About - Winner teams

Phil Wood - Winner mens

Rachel Cashin - Winner Womans INDEX