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Was The Christchurch Quake Caused By HAARP? CREDIT: Poster at Forum

Investigative Journalist Talks About Christchurch Earthquakes-HAARP Links
Friday 11 March 2011, 10:50AM
By Clare Swinney

At 1pm on March the 10th, investigative journalist Ben Vidgen was a guest on the Vinny Eastwood show with Will Ryan.   Ben spoke about the evidence which suggests HAARP, (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), technology in being used in New Zealand. In particular, he addressed the evidence which indicates this technology may have been used in association with the Christchurch earthquakes. While he pointed out there is no solid proof that the earthquakes were caused deliberately using this technology, he referred to a number of key indicators which suggest that it may well have been used.

To access the link for the download, please go here:

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