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To Tivo or not to Tivo?
Friday 9 October 2009, 1:24PM
By Freeview Shop

To Tivo or not to Tivo?

What is TiVo? It is a PVR that uses a broadband connection to get the program guide, and has ability to do pay per view via the connection also.

Are there any alternatives? If you are looking for a PVR (personal video recorder) that offers convenience and ease of use without being tied to broadband then there are many products that offer just that.

UltraPlus F9000HD PVR – A twin tuner Satellite HD PVR that can simultaneously record two programs while you watch another. The F-9000HD PVR can schedule programs to be recorded from the EPG and can upscale picture to full 1080i resolution with unprecedented picture quality. This receiver can also access all channels available via satellite in New Zealand as well as the standard Freeview channels, e.g. with a dish pointed at Intelsat 5 you can also get BBC World and Australia Network. This receiver can also skip through ads. In addition, super fast Ethernet and USB 2.0 interface allows easy transfer of TV recordings to a PC

Magic TV MTV3600 HD PVR – This is a fantastic new digital terrestrial twin tuner PVR at a great price! This receiver is hard to beat in terms of its ease of use and high end recording features and is capable of upscaling all programming right up to 1080P. The receiver allows you to effortlessly pause, record, browse, edit and play and is also capable of setting repeat recordings allowing you to catch entire series and more.

Topfield TF000PVR ES – This is another twin tuner Satellite PVR with exceptional design. Topfield has a reputation for quality and this unit is no exception. The unit is incredibly ease to use. Again it can also access all channels available via satellite in New Zealand.

Hyundai AH-3110 Combo PVR – For those not sure which option to take, the Hyundai Combo is a great choice. This is New Zealand’s first combo satellite/terrestrial receiver that can record Freeview or Freeivew HD with full EIT EPG support. Capable of receiving all available channels in HD quality. It also allows you to play recordings of Freeview HD on your PC.