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Top 5 Freeview/Free to Air Receivers for Christmas
Thursday 19 November 2009, 2:32PM
By Freeview Shop

5. Satlink 2800 (Satellite receiver)
If you don’t want to break the bank this Christmas, the Satlink 2800 Satellite receiver offers exceptional value for money. But don’t let the low price of $119.95 suggest that this is of any less quality. On the contrary, the Satlink 2800 offers incredible digital viewing performance with features such as fast blind scan for an easy quick set up. The unit is available in a tiny stylish black design and there is also a 12V version for the mobile user.

4. HDT HD801S (Terrestrial receiver)
If you are in the Freeview HD coverage area and want a reliable, quality digital terrestrial receiver, then the HDT HD801S is a top choice. This unit is the very latest top end HD receiver with high quality HDMI output along with HD on component video support. It has all the top end features such as native mode which allows output in the broadcast resolution of the channel.

3. JCMatthew DVR-320T (Terrestrial PVR)
A new addition to the range of digital terrestrial PVRs, the JCMatthew DVR-320T has released just in time for the Christmas season. Packed with features, this unit allows you to pause, record, browse and play recordings. You can pause live TV, record and quickly browse and organize recordings, set repeat recordings to catch entire series and more.

2. Magic TV MTV3600 HD PVR –. (Terrestrial PVR)
Also new to the market is the Magic TV MTV3600TD HD PVR. The Magic TV is a well known brand in the US and Hong Kong where the Magic TV product line continues to expand.

From the start you will be impressed with the design of this unit, ultra modern in black glossy lacquer, a stylish addition to any living room. Perhaps, even more impressive is that this receiver is also hard to beat in terms of its ease of use and high end recording features along with its capabilities of upscaling all programming right up to an incredible 1080P!

With twin tuners and a 500GB internal HDD it is capable of recording two channels simultaneously while you watch a third. The receiver is also capable of setting repeat recordings allowing you to catch entire series and more. The receiver records in broadcast quality allowing playback in the highest quality possible.

To record a program, simply navigate to it (you can move program by program, channel to channel, or skip ahead a day at a time), and hit the record button. If the program is part of a series, then it will pop up and ask if you would like to record the whole series, or just this episode.

Another rather exciting feature of this unit is the so called “magic” remote capable of controlling your TV also meaning that you only need one remote for everything. The remote also detects the dark and conveniently lights up for you.

1. And the number one must have receiver this Christmas is…
UltraPlus F9000HD PVR – (Satellite PVR)

The UltraPlus F9000HD PVR is streets ahead of other options and is tipped to be a best seller this Christmas. Its slim line modern design is combined with state of the art software packed with features.
Featuring twin tuners that can simultaneously record two programs while you watch another and HDD options up to a massive 2TB, the F-9000HD PVR can schedule programmes to be recorded from the EPG and can upscale picture to full 1080i resolution with unprecedented picture quality. This receiver can also access all FTA channels available via satellite in New Zealand as well as the standard Freeview channels. Unlike the Tivo or Magic TV, this receiver can also skip through ads and in addition, the super fast Ethernet and USB 2.0 interfaces allow easy transfer of TV recordings to a PC as well as play back of DivX files.

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