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Businesses for Sale NZ - immigration business visas
Sunday 27 June 2010, 5:43PM
By Business for Sale NZ, Businesses for Sale - NZBizBuySell

Like to own a business in New Zealand? If you’re a businessperson interested in owning a business in New Zealand, applying for a Long Term Business Visa may be a great option.

New Zealand has always been a popular migrant destination; it's safe, has a law-abiding reputation, a stable government, good education, a clean green image and is one of the best places in the world to raise a family. An immigration business visa could be just the ticket to get you into New Zealand.

A Long Term Business Visa (LTBV) is a work visa that lets you move to New Zealand and buy or establish your own business. It could also be your first step to applying for residency in New Zealand under the Entrepreneur or Entrepreneur Plus immigr category  (see

For a Long Term Business Visa you will need:
1. A comprehensive business plan outlining your business proposal.
2. The necessary business experience relevant to your proposal.
3. Proof your business can provide some benefit to New Zealand.
4. Sufficient investment capital and access to funds or assets to live off.
5. To meet any occupational registration requirements.

When checking out Businesses for Sale NZ, whether it is a commercial property for sale or motels for sale, look for something that you will enjoy doing and have the skills and experience to add value to the business. Do your homework - find out about the New Zealand business visa residency requirements, the business culture, and running a business in New Zealand.

Why buy an existing business?
Statistically a large number of start-up businesses fail. So buying an existing business is a great option as you're getting:

1. An existing customer base with cashflow from day one
2. Products and/or services that have been developed and proven
3. Experienced and skilled staff who understand the business
4. Operating Systems that keep the customers coming and the cash flowing
5. History where you are able to see the financial records, the sales and expenses

A Long Term Business Visa is valid for a total of three years. It will first be granted for 9 months to allow you to start trading. It can then be further approved for the remaining 27 months provided the business is meeting the goals and financial forecasts set out in the business plan and can demonstrate is has traded reasonably profitably.

Before placing a business visa application, seek professional advice to ensure it has the merit to succeed, and check out what NZ Business for Sale opportunities you would be most likely to purchase on the NZBizBuySell Businesses for Sale NZ website. Check out their Commercial Property for Sale and Motels for Sale NZ listings. INDEX