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Hosing restrictions in Riverton and Ohai
Wednesday 4 January 2012, 4:09PM
By Southland District Council


Residents in Riverton and Ohai have hosing restrictions until 14 January or until further notice.Southland District Council water and waste assets manager Ian Evans said the restrictions in Riverton are due to low water levels and increasing pressure on the water treatment plant, while Environment Southland has asked Council to not take any more water from the source in Ohai. "All our towns are struggling to some extent with this weather but we are particularly concerned about Riverton," Mr Evans said. The Riverton supply is under pressure from high consumer demand, which is restricting the amount of water that can be pumped into the reservoir. Hosing restrictions have been made to protect the supply and maintain public health and fire-fighting capabilities.

The restrictions are as follows:

1. Odd-numbered properties may irrigate on odd-numbered days of the month and even-numbered properties on even-numbered days. For example, residents at 3 James Street may irrigate on 5 January, but not on 6 January.

2. Only hand-held hosing is permitted. The use of unattended sprinklers or irrigation systems is prohibited.

3. Hosing may only be carried out between 6pm and 9am. Hosing between 9am and 6pm is prohibited. INDEX