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Supply ChainTrends 2011
Added by Ellis and Co

When:15 November 2011
Venue:University of Auckland Business School
Location: Auckland Region, New Zealand
Contact: Azelda Madgwick
Phone: +64 9 363 6700


Special Presentation from International Supply Chain Expert And Author, Peter Bolstorff

“The future success of every business is dependent on globalisation and effectively managing the supply chain in an increasingly volatile environment.”

Peter Bolstorff, internationally recognised Supply Chain educator and author, will share how successful organisations meet the modern day challenges of globalisation and volatility in the Supply Chain environment.

Supply Chain flexibility will be a key driver for business growth.

As the economy recovers, the companies that succeed will be those that have the agility to respond quickly to unplanned demand and supply opportunities and challenges across various markets.

Business reliability will depend on a global supply chain strategy.

Natural disaster, financial and political instability and changes to economic and trading conditions….a global supply chain strategy is a company’s best defence against the unexpected.

Organisational integration will be essential to overcome supply chain roadblocks.

Demand and supply volatility and poor forecast accuracy are some of the biggest roadblocks to supply chain excellence. These can be managed more effectively by integrating Sales and Operations planning into the Supply Chain process, resulting in lower inventory levels, increased utilisation of plant capacity and reduced unit cost.


Peter Bolstorff, international Supply Chain expert CREDIT: Jackie Ellis

Peter Bolstorff, international Supply Chain expert CREDIT: Jackie Ellis