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New Zealand Party Pills News Index

Tuesday, 8 May
10:32AM PARTY PILLS Notorious Kiwi pill spammers - Offering Ilegal Drugs Online AGAIN! 818

Saturday, 21 April

Tuesday, 10 November
11:06AM PARTY PILLS Youthline welcomes party pill regulation and calls for testing 410

Monday, 9 November
11:49AM PARTY PILLS Woman in court following drug seizures 670

Saturday, 4 October
7:56AM PARTY PILLS Recall on party pills containing 'geranium oil' 1486

Saturday, 10 May
7:21AM PARTY PILLS New-type party pills fill hospital beds 1791

Monday, 31 March
9:20AM PARTY PILLS Drug Foundation urges moratorium and independent analysis of new party pills 2074

Saturday, 29 March
12:31PM PARTY PILLS Sale of BZP illegal by 1 April 1514

Thursday, 20 March
7:47AM PARTY PILLS Anderton lashes ACT cut-price party pill sales 537

Saturday, 15 March
8:31AM PARTY PILLS New range of legal party pills on the horizon 529

Friday, 14 March
4:09PM PARTY PILLS Party pill makers says ban is a move to grab votes 925
4:04PM PARTY PILLS BZP ban passed by Parliament 704
4:03PM PARTY PILLS Those backing BZP seriously misguided 628
9:42AM PARTY PILLS Misuse of Drugs (Classification of BZP) Amendment Bill 1401
7:31AM PARTY PILLS Party pill maker says ban is a move to grab votes 333

Thursday, 6 March
10:17AM PARTY PILLS The Misuse of Drugs (Classification of BZP) Amendment Bill 622

Thursday, 13 December
3:30PM PARTY PILLS Anderton refuses to control BZP, tries to blame Greens 514
1:48PM PARTY PILLS Drug pushers target kids with lollipops as BZP Bill delayed 565

Wednesday, 12 December
7:26PM PARTY PILLS Party pill ban will not come into effect before xmas 314

Saturday, 3 November
7:12AM PARTY PILLS New generation party pill to beat ban 582

Wednesday, 24 October
6:00PM PARTY PILLS Drug foundation want BZP regulated not banned 400

Thursday, 4 October
8:05AM PARTY PILLS Party pill millionaire dies, aged 31 1268

Monday, 10 September
12:28PM PARTY PILLS Greens support ban on liquor outlet sale of party pills 455

Thursday, 6 September
1:46PM PARTY PILLS Greens call for harsh regulations on BZP 1544

Tuesday, 7 August
8:09AM PARTY PILLS Authority won't allow liquor store to sell party pills 572

Friday, 29 June
8:32AM PARTY PILLS Party pills will go underground, MPs warn 355

Thursday, 28 June
3:10PM PARTY PILLS Party pills to be banned 309

Wednesday, 21 March
10:45PM PARTY PILLS Britain's medicines regulator urges party pill abstinence 332

Wednesday, 14 March
8:12PM PARTY PILLS Pill advocates say survey shows ban will lead to more drug abuse 489