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New Zealand Mountain Running News Index

Monday, 3 February
9:24AM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Mal Law begins his big, hairy, audacious adventure for Mental Health 676

Sunday, 8 December
6:03PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Race Record Smashed in 2013 ASICS Kepler Challenge 270

Thursday, 28 November
2:41PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING 2013 ASICS Kepler Challenge 265

Tuesday, 22 October
1:13PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Mt Lowry Challenge 2014 270

Tuesday, 8 October
12:27PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING New peaks beckon trail runners 184

Monday, 7 October
10:52AM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Inaugral Mountain Running Series in Hawkes Bay 358

Monday, 16 September
11:47AM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Embrace the Struggle 240

Wednesday, 17 July
2:55PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Putaukai runners take on Pomona 149

Tuesday, 2 July
3:04PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Entry to ASICS Kepler Challenge 2013 359

Monday, 19 November
2:49PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Kauri Runners Top 2500 314
9:01AM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Kauri Runners Top 2500 296

Monday, 5 November
10:04AM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Kathmandu Riverrun Trail Series attracts runners from across the South Island 276

Monday, 29 October
12:59PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Sun scorched mountain fever takes over Kawerau 409

Tuesday, 25 September
4:34PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING 57th Kawerau King of the Mountain 415

Friday, 14 September
3:00PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Kilian's Quest - More than a sport 267

Wednesday, 22 August
4:13PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Salomon Running - A day with Julian Chorier 398

Friday, 27 July
1:09PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Salomon Running - Taking a break 228

Sunday, 29 April
4:22PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Records topple as perfect conditions make for record times in Routeburn Classic adventure run 267

Monday, 23 April
10:05AM MOUNTAIN RUNNING A few videos from the Wild Turkey 2012 483

Monday, 21 November
7:29PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Kauri Run Report 394

Friday, 7 October
11:32AM MOUNTAIN RUNNING New Waikaremoana Ultra Run for Great Walk track 368

Sunday, 1 May
1:24PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Prime conditions make for record times in Routeburn Classic adventure run 401

Tuesday, 12 April
1:17PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Cantabrian running champions aim to reclaim Routeburn Classic title 256

Friday, 21 January
8:52AM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Phundamentals mountain bike clinic gets into gear 259

Tuesday, 28 December
1:21PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Top runner confirmed for Tarawera Ultramarathon 361

Thursday, 25 November
12:09PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Young and Old are Drawn to the Kepler Challenge 420

Tuesday, 2 November
7:21AM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Kilians Quest 2010 - Kilimanjaro 115

Tuesday, 19 October
7:40AM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Great turnout for first race of Riverrun Trail Series 998

Sunday, 25 April
5:01PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING A wet day in the mountains for runners in the Routeburn Classic 1091

Thursday, 15 April
8:42AM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Wyatt to Race New Zealand Mountain Running Champs 340

Monday, 18 January
3:07PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING More competitors to run Routeburn Classic 680

Monday, 7 December
9:00AM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Corporaal completes trail running sweep 803

Thursday, 3 December
5:48PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Athletes gunning for Goat title 1121

Sunday, 22 November
12:25PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Record run has Corporaal in line for sweep 902

Sunday, 15 November
7:05PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Corporaal, Smail take out Triple Crown opener 1019

Saturday, 14 November
2:18PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Corporaal eyes perfect start to Triple Crown 697

Tuesday, 1 September
4:47PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Wyatt selected for mountain running champs 291

Tuesday, 16 June
11:20AM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Commonwealth Mountain Running Championships team announced 758

Wednesday, 25 February
11:17AM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Energy sapping time in store for runners 375

Sunday, 21 December
1:50PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Ultramarathon Run Planned for Bay of Plenty 911

Monday, 8 December
2:43PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Series winners upset in final trail running showdown 711

Friday, 5 December
9:51AM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Olympic champ to race The Goat 595

Wednesday, 3 December
2:48PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Top runners eye Triple Crown finale 682

Tuesday, 25 November
10:17AM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Records tumble as guns conquer Kauri Run 667

Monday, 24 November
8:32AM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Records tumble as guns conquer Kauri Run 548

Friday, 21 November
8:07AM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Marathon guns eye Kauri Run conquest 504

Thursday, 20 November
6:00PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Olympians & World Champions Putting Something Back 315

Wednesday, 12 November
9:08AM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Glenorchy region provides challenging backdrop for MacPac 24 hours of Souther Traverse 482

Wednesday, 5 November
1:34PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Ruthe to lead charge for Triple Crown 333

Thursday, 23 October
6:51PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Triple Crown trail run series announced 569

Monday, 29 September
12:19PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Wyatt climbs fastest in Austria 374

Monday, 15 September
8:09AM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Wyatt wins sixth World Mountain Running title 471

Sunday, 7 September
9:40AM MOUNTAIN RUNNING ARC - Early Bird offers and Roadshows 253

Tuesday, 19 August
12:28PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Melissa Moon one of 10 outstanding young persons of the world 536

Sunday, 11 May
5:32PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Richard Ussher wins 2008 Routeburn Classic 1160

Monday, 21 April
6:33PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Track on which Israeli missing soon to be thronged with runners 1042
2:48PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Eclectic and impressive field for alpine run 550

Monday, 14 April
11:28AM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Wyatt wins third national mountain title 1121

Wednesday, 2 April
6:25PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING North vs South challenge promoted at Fairydown Southern Traverse 578

Wednesday, 1 August
8:20AM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Mountain runners picked 392

Thursday, 21 June
8:26PM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Frost wins British mountain running trials 463

Friday, 1 June
8:28AM MOUNTAIN RUNNING IPICO Sports Sets New Standard for Data Capture 412

Monday, 26 February
11:12AM MOUNTAIN RUNNING Roberts and Prince retain their peak 1065