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Wellington Water News Index

Wednesday, 16 January
4:42PM WATER Regional Standard for Water Services released 389

Monday, 7 January
3:05PM WATER Save water now to reduce the chance of tough water restrictions 247

Thursday, 13 December
3:05PM WATER Land purchase to allow water storage expansion 96
3:05PM WATER Regional council to look into emergency reservoir 93
3:03PM WATER Funding for Wairarapa water project study 75

Tuesday, 27 November
5:02PM WATER Whitby water main ruptured: locals urged to save water 114

Monday, 12 November
7:22PM WATER Low rainfall reinforces "dry summer" concern 89

Friday, 26 October
3:39PM WATER Newer, stronger pipeline for Lower Hutt's eastern bays 77

Monday, 15 October
5:16PM WATER Civic Square water taps off 86

Saturday, 29 September
11:26AM WATER The tap's back on for water storage lake 111

Friday, 14 September
2:22PM WATER Water supply improvement for Wellington's western suburbs 69

Monday, 16 July
2:02PM WATER Rainwater tanks important for emergency preparedness 80

Tuesday, 10 July
7:10PM WATER Wairarapa Water Use Project Intensifies 92

Friday, 29 June
1:00PM WATER Changes to bulk water levy 62

Monday, 7 May
4:35PM WATER Wellington Backs Expansion of Water Company 124

Thursday, 3 May
2:02PM WATER Region's success at "use a bit less" 99

Tuesday, 24 January
2:40PM WATER Proposed New Water Bylaw 120

Friday, 6 January
1:27PM WATER Save water call as Hutt water collection area remains dry 137

Thursday, 5 January
3:33PM WATER Save water call as Hutt water collection area remains dry 101

Monday, 19 December
3:30PM WATER Wairarapa water project enters new phase 132

Thursday, 15 December
2:04PM WATER New Water Management Regime a Step Closer 95

Friday, 9 December
2:16PM WATER New water supply indicator for the "dry" summer ahead 104

Thursday, 8 December
1:38PM WATER Use a bit less, make a big difference 115

Wednesday, 16 November
8:58AM WATER One Week To Go To The New Zealand Water Safety Conference 2011 116

Thursday, 3 November
5:59PM WATER Low rainfall puts regional water supply on alert 122
1:01PM WATER Fluoride to remain in Lower Hutt water 106

Tuesday, 1 November
2:41PM WATER Help by Saving Water 106

Monday, 3 October
5:29PM WATER "Dry summer" campaign for water kicks off 106

Thursday, 8 September
6:47PM WATER Draining of water storage lake marks start of upgrade 116

Friday, 12 August
8:08PM WATER Urgent repairs to water main in Manners Street 92

Friday, 22 July
3:08PM WATER More "top" water for Wellington 231
9:15AM WATER Speech - Water, water everywhere, but only a few drops stored (first speech by Bruce Wills, Federated Farmers President) 110

Wednesday, 20 July
9:43PM WATER 2011 Water Safety Awards To Celebrate Success 116

Monday, 18 July
6:19PM WATER New Zealand Water Safety Conference 2011 - 2011 Conference Programme Confirmed 127

Tuesday, 12 July
3:51PM WATER Protecting Our Water Supply 113

Tuesday, 31 May
1:18PM WATER Kaitoke Weir Consent Variation - officer's report 171

Tuesday, 10 May
8:15AM WATER Greater Wellington welcomes irrigation commitment from government 109

Monday, 22 November
4:42PM WATER Painting Weather Not so Good for Ducks 149

Thursday, 2 September
8:24AM WATER GW investigating new water storage options at Kaitoke 258

Tuesday, 11 May
3:44PM WATER Our Water Supply Challenge 161

Friday, 9 April
2:11PM WATER 125-year-old pipe unearthed 214

Saturday, 27 February
8:54AM WATER Wainuiomata water pipeline upgrade 697

Saturday, 17 October
9:32AM WATER Councillors Determined to Live Within Water Limits 322

Friday, 9 October
2:33PM WATER GW keeps water levy down 238

Monday, 27 July
11:08AM WATER Tikanga can help solve water issues - Sharples 384

Friday, 19 June
9:51AM WATER Greywater expert backs Council approval 251

Thursday, 27 November
3:34PM WATER Wellington City voters back direct water charges, Hutt in two minds and Porirua opposed 289

Monday, 14 July
11:46AM WATER Water issues a major constraint on growth during next 10 years 566

Saturday, 10 May
4:38PM WATER GW proposes options to boost water supply 569

Monday, 28 April
7:43PM WATER Water storage lake drained 334

Tuesday, 18 March
4:48PM WATER Water supply still under pressure 322

Monday, 3 March
4:58PM WATER Greater Wellington regional water strategy planned 273

Friday, 29 February
2:37PM WATER KCDC shows the way for drought prone areas 359

Tuesday, 26 February
4:39PM WATER Garden sprinkler and irrigation systems banned 501

Thursday, 21 February
9:26AM WATER Need for sprinkler ban still only days away 275

Friday, 1 February
2:32PM WATER Greens welcome Kapiti’s water wisdom 196

Thursday, 31 January
2:48PM WATER Water restrictions imposed as big dry takes toll 357

Thursday, 24 January
4:32PM WATER Water supply rivers low 303

Monday, 3 December
5:11PM WATER Emergency Water Containers – They’re the Christmas Gifts the Whole Family Will Love 454

Friday, 23 November
10:13AM WATER Tapping into our water supply history 329

Wednesday, 25 July
5:02PM WATER ‘Check, clean, dry’ still best way to control didymo 542