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Buy Security Fencing From Fence World
Tuesday 7 February 2017, 3:35PM
By Beckie Wright

Welcome to 2017, but unfortunately, welcome to more robberies being committed as Auckland becomes even more crowded, which means it is becoming increasingly important to have quality security fencing, whether in domestic or commercial premises. This is where Fence World come in. Fence World manufacutre and install both security and electric fencing in the greater Auckland area.

Fence World’s domestic security fences can provide a high level of security without detracting from the look of a property and they can also manufacture spiked paling fences that will look great but will be difficult to climb. For those needing a higher level of protection Fence World can explain the extra measures they can take to deter prowlers, without making the property look like Fort Knox.

Fence World has exclusive solutions for protecting commercial premises and can install spiked paling fences or barbed and razor wire topped fences. They can also add high voltage electric perimeter wires that not only provide an effective deterrent but will trigger an alarm if broken or shorted out.

Fence World also manufacture their own range of devices to allow access gates to be opened and closed while maintaining the connections of the electrical circuits, and almost all their fencing is custom manufactured to get the look their customers want and to fit the contours of their land. The Fence World team specialise in providing personalised architectural design work and do their utmost to individually match solutions to every customer

Fence World has manufactured hundreds of fences and gates in numerous styles, and over fourteen years, their staff have built a trusted reputation for designing, constructing and installing superior quality fences and gates. Whether someone is looking for fencing, pool protection, automated gates or electric security, Fence World offers an extensive range of innovative, attractive and long-lasting products in steel, aluminium and glass to both secure and enhance any project. Their vigorous attention to detail at every stage is the principal reason that Fence World is the preferred partner for many of New Zealand’s leading architects, property managers, specifiers and their discerning clients.

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