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Rinnai Recommend Switching to Mains Pressure For Hot Water Requirements
Tuesday 7 February 2017, 3:45PM
By Beckie Wright

For anyone who is regularly running out of hot water or ‘scheduling’ their shower when someone isn’t using the kitchen tap, to avoid an unwelcome blast of cold water, it’s likely their hot water supply is either low or unequal pressure (where the hot and cold taps are not of equal pressure), and Rinnai have some ideas on switching to mains pressure to fix this problem.


Most New Zealand homes have an electric hot water cylinder and the ‘traditional’ New Zealand electric hot water system is what is known as ‘low pressure’. Most new homes are built with mains water pressure for hot and cold water. However, a large number of homes over 20 years of age have their hot water supplied using low-pressure hot water. If there is a header tank in the roof cavity, that indicates a low-pressure system.


Today’s modern systems deliver a much better performance, and Rinnai recommend five reasons for changing to a Mains Pressure Hot Water system. Firstly, the quick delivery of high-pressure hot water makes this the best system.

This means multiple taps and showers running hot water simultaneously without a noticeable difference in flow. Secondly, smaller diameter pipework means greater flexibility during the design and installation of the new hot water cylinder.


Thirdly, modern hot water cylinders will deliver a higher volume of water, and fourthly, the compatibility with modern mixers and taps means upgrading your home with modern or imported tapware will be so much easier. Finally, Rinnai Mains pressure hot water cylinders are backed by a 20 year limited liability warranty (for Stainless Steel models) compared to just five years for a low pressure copper tank.


So, for those considering a major renovation to their home, it’s a good time to consider moving to a mains pressure hot water system and enjoy the benefits of a strong, consistent flow of hot showers and avoid any nasty changes in temperature when someone else turns on the hot tap elsewhere in the house.  


To find out more about Rinnai mains pressure hot water cylinders please visit the website at . INDEX