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Jag Creative Design & Marketing 2017 Vision
Wednesday 15 February 2017, 8:30PM
By Beckie Wright


The Unconventional Guide to Work recently published a blog, which the team at Jag Creative really liked, as they use this strategy on a regular basis for their clients. The article, which was headed ‘A Business Owner’s Guide to Creating Powerful Vision and Mission Statements’, enhanced their own philosophy, which is all about connecting their clients with other businesses through design.

If used properly, a powerful vision and accompanying mission statement can drive the culture of a business, but it’s all too common to see vision and mission statements with vague sentences that actually say nothing, watered down with buzzwords and high-sounding and often incomprehensible terms.

So, how do we make sure our statement doesn’t end up like one of these? First of all, a vision statement should outline our business goals and the direction we want our business to head, including how we can help people and what we plan to achieve.

‘Dream big’, and why not? It’s our business after all. Jag Creative agree we should write as though we’re already in the future, using the present tense to write as if our vision has already happened, not as if it is ‘going to’ happen. We should consider each word carefully, and a great simple and direct example is from Amazon. “Our vision is to be earth’s most customer centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online.”

Now for our mission statement. We should try and nail our mission statement in a couple of sentences, as Twitter has done in just one. “We instantly connect people everywhere to what’s most important to them.” As they say, “It’s not just about what you do but why you do it.” We need to create a statement our employees and customers are motivated to ‘get behind’ and it needs to be succinct.

Finally, they say, “Think back to that spark of excitement you felt when you first decided you were going to start your own business. What were your motivations then? How did you want to help people? Capture those emotions in your vision and mission statements and you’re halfway there to creating messages that motivate your employees and capture your customers!”

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