Online Sales Of Big Item Toys Booming

Monday 19 November 2012, 11:54AM


As a sign of how the economy is warming up online sales of higher priced toys are running hot.

Online toy retailer Terry Fullerton of Kids Toys Online says “We specialise in selling the higher priced toy items and so our website is quite a good indicator of the availability of discretionary cash about. Most of the toys listed on our website sell for over $100 and it has been really noticeable how sales have picked up in the last few weeks. We always do well at Christmas but the recent volumes have been quite exceptional.

From experience it looks like many toy retailers will be sold out of the most popular items much earlier than usual as NZ toy wholesalers tend to be very conservative in the amount of stock of these large items that they carry. Unfortunately the time lag in getting new stock means that the next shipment won’t arrive until well into the New Year.

Online retail sales are becoming a bigger part of the market every day and although some commentators are predicting that online sale will plateau sometime soon we are seeing no sign of it. The reality is that while people do enjoy the social aspect of going to a shop in a mall they will usually get a much better deal by shopping online. Conventional shops simply can’t compete on price with online shops which have none of the huge overheads that these shops have to recover.

If you include all the sales from sites like TradeMe and GrabOne in the online stats the percentage is much higher than the single digit percentages talked about by some analysts”




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