How to upset an Auctioneer

Thursday 14 February 2013, 9:13AM
By Auckland Apartment Agent


How to upset an auctioneer
Interesting watching the final house auction on The Block Melbourne.

The winning bidder gave the auctioneer plenty of trouble and had him totally on the back foot with unusual bids including an early starting bid and further bids of $1,380,136.29 and $1,391,000.91 then several more and finally succeeding at $1,400,001.01 which was almost $220,000 less than the highest price achieved on the night.

Maybe this is a tactic that could help you secure a house at auction!

When the auctioneer is looking for an opening bid it would certainly make the flow difficult if you kept bidding in unusual amounts, including cents!


Jay Dellar

Apartment Sales, Bayleys Real Estate