MILK Photo Books Meet The Classic Moleskine Notebook

Tuesday 21 May 2013, 4:37PM
By Gemma Stewart

Travel memories, family moments and noteworthy work, uploaded online and printed in a real Moleskine notebook.

Moleskine introduces a brand new format to its print on demand service. Joining the existing formats of Moleskine Photo Books, Photo Books plus and Moleskine Photo Albums, the new Classic Landscape Photo Book from Moleskine allows personal achievements and experiences to live on in a physical form that is even more of an exact match of the dimensions, appearance and allure of the legendary little black rectangle.

Classic Moleskine features are preserved including open-flat stitched binding, rounded corners, elastic closure and the signature expandable back pocket. Each page in the Classic Landscape Photo Book is made of Italian ivory-coloured paper. From analog to digital, and back again: With Moleskine print on demand, the analog/digital continuum comes full cycle: images, sketches, photos are captured from reality, travel into the cloud, then withdrawn to finally come back to paper in Moleskine Photo Books.

Print your portfolio
The Classic Landscape Photo Book makes for a convenient and stylish professional tool. A portable format with an understated aesthetic, creative professionals can easily upload images of their work through the online tool and receive it in a physical form direct to their door. Made with fine Italian paper then carefully bound using Moleskine signature center-stitched binding, Moleskine Photo Books delivers an unprecedented level of quality, introducing a new technological and qualitative standard to print on demand books.

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