Magazine for emerging filmmakers and video creators is back

Thursday 13 June 2013, 2:29PM
By Ferb Media

A magazine created specifically to inspire and empower New Zealand’s emerging indie film and video making talent relaunched this month. 

Viewfinder magazine originally launched back in 2009 with publisher Steve Hart. Last year editor and publisher, Fiona Powell (founder and past-publisher of Her Business magazine) took over Viewfinder and has rebranded and refocused the magazine and membership.

Viewfinder is aimed at the indie, new, emerging, student, semi-pro, established or passion fuelled filmmaker or video creator; whether they’re shooting on a Red or an iphone; whether their project is a short or feature film, company video, web series or doco for the big screen or for an online audience.
The Viewfinder website has been redeveloped to include production listings and updates, and film/video events and opportunities; a membership network has been established for members to connect and learn from a webinar series, and the bi-monthly magazine (print and digital) offers articles from kiwi filmmakers who share insights into various areas of film and video creation.

“It’s an incredibly exciting time to be in both publishing and independent filmmaking,” says Fiona Powell, a digital filmmaking student herself. “With the explosion of mobile device ownership, magazine readers can now access their reading material on their mobile devices on the go; on the bus, on the beach or in bed. This also means audiences are crying out for more video content to watch on these devices; which is a very good thing for innovative film and video creators.”

The first issue of the relaunched Viewfinder magazine was distributed mid-May to an enthusiastic audience, including Viewfinders current 1000 members. Articles included interviews with Roseanne Liang, director and co-writer of the self-funded hit web series Flat3; Giles McNeil, last year’s 48HOURS winning director; James Holman, the only New Zealander invited to compete in the International GoPro Film Challenge, as well as the voices of other emerging and award winning indie filmmakers and video creators. Interviewees offer a unique kiwi filmmaking voice as they share their practical film and video lessons, insights and journeys for readers to be inspired and learn from.

Viewfinder welcomes enquiries from filmmakers and video creators who wish to share their stories and experiences with readers. Email