New Zealand's rural community has a new home

Tuesday 18 June 2013, 12:20PM
By Adhub
293 views is live. From farming stock to lifestyle blocks, The Rural is a new online hub of information dedicated to the rural community.

Forget urbanisation. Ruralisation is where it is at. More and more city dwellers are packing up and moving to the country for a slice of the good life. And that’s where The Rural comes in. Need some tips on buying a lifestyle block? Want to know what livestock will work for your land size? Urgently need to know how to mend that fence? is there to help.

The Rural is an online community where farmers, lifestyle block owners, and anyone living rurally can go to access huge amounts of information to help solve any issue they encounter. The Rural's expert contributors provide advice and content on all things rural, from fixing a fence to finding the right contractor to put in a new bore.

Whether you are looking to find fellow rural dwellers, or if you just want to know what sheep dip is, check out They’ll put you in the right paddock.