Resource recovery funds Wellington's eWaste recycling every day

Thursday 15 August 2013, 12:44PM
By Celia Wade-Brown


PRESS RELEASE - 13th August 2013

"Wellington City is leading the way with our new e-waste recycling partnership" says Celia Wade-Brown.

"When I was Environment portfolio leader, I led a pilot with CANZ and WCC. We initiated eDay as a pilot in 2006, where electronic goods could be dropped off at the Stadium."  That idea, with a number of partners, spread around the country but one day a year was never enough.

We have worked with Remarkit for years to reuse and recycle components of phones and computers. "Now we have a free solution for effective e-waste disposal that is not funded by rates." she says. The sale of components from the recyclable part of e-waste will fund the service.

"Wellingtonians are both early adopters of new technology and care about the environment so we need a truly sustainable solution, financially and ecologically." says Ms Wade-Brown. "This is a new part of a strong direction to reduce waste and increase material recovery.  For example, we've also expanded plastics collection to include 1 to 7."

People can drop off the following electrical equipment free of charge:

computers (excluding some older screens), laptops, printers, fax machines, copiers, scanners
toys, leisure and sports equipment with electronic components, calculators, phones
toasters, microwaves, fans, fryers, vacuum cleaners, irons, scales
drills, sewing machines, smoke detectors, regulators, thermostats
radios, hi-fi, stereos
DVD and video players, and other home entertainment equipment - except for TVs.
Television sets and cathode ray tube (CRT) computer screens will cost  $20 to drop off, in line with other e-recyclers. These screens include leaded glass that must be stripped out and processed overseas.

For a limited time, though, people will be able to recycle your old TV for just $5 at the Southern Landfill as part of TV Takeback, which coincides with New Zealand’s switch from analogue to digital television (Going Digital).

Celia Wade-Brown
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