iDt Group's Biotime Solution Saves Valuable Payroll Time & Money

Tuesday 24 September 2013, 5:12PM
By Pure SEO

The team at iDt Group specialise in solutions that automate staff time and attendance with web-based software solutions that will easily interface with an existing payroll system. By capturing accurate employee attendance, calculating and applying overtimes and awards automatically, they can save a business countless hours on payroll preparation with phenomenal cost savings. In May this year, iDt Group launched their new cloud-based time and attendance application, designed to help small and medium sized businesses gain control of payroll costs and make massive savings in payroll processing time.

Biotime is smart, simple workforce management and because it is a cloud application, it is scalable and flexible, meaning it grows with the business and you only pay for what you use. With the accuracy of biometric time capture, job costing and rostering functionality, biotime is the ideal first step into time and attendance for businesses of any size. Biotime will ensure that the payroll is based on accurate attendance data, passing all information seamlessly to the payroll system.

Time collection is also automated and accuracy is guaranteed when biotime is combined with bioscan biometric timeclocks.  Fraudulent practices, such as buddy-punching, are eliminated and time-consuming manual processes associated with timesheets are completely removed.  Biotime’s powerful award interpretation engine means that the business rules that govern an employee’s pay rates are automatically applied, based on their attendance data. This automatically enforces policies on paid and unpaid leave, removing the need for complex manual calculations and data manipulation.

IDt Group’s biotime ensures much more streamlined leave and absence management process by managing it at the time capture point. Annual leave or sick leave records are passed directly through to payroll to ensure complete accuracy, removing the reliance on manual, paper-based systems that are time consuming and pose the risk of error and fraud. Roster management is also simplified as biotime’s roster management module allows line managers to quickly roster staff to shifts, manage changes and manage budgets.

As Hayden Burnett, GM Sales Marketing for iDt Group says, “There has been a frustrating lack of Time and Attendance offerings in the market that offered the right mix of functionality and price for Australian and New Zealand’s Small and Medium sized businesses. We have used our fifteen plus years of experience in the industry to come up with a solution that we think is the perfect fit”.

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