A Little Shop Demonstrate How Effective Retail Therapy Can Be

Tuesday 24 September 2013, 6:13PM
By Pure SEO

As Jodi from ‘A Little Shop’ explains her love of shopping, “I read a study published in the journal of psychology and marketing in the United States that Stated that retail therapy has ‘a lasting, positive effect on mood’ and leaves ‘few, if any, negative emotional side effects’. Well, I took this to heart and decided to make a career out of it! Living overseas for several years, I miss the little boutiques, the huge amount of choice and the unique labels that were good quality but mid-priced. I’m always on the hunt for something different. Married with two small children, you can often hear me yell ‘just going for a little shop, dear’”. And so, in this way, A Little Shop was born out of the love of shopping!

A Little Shop source their clothes and accessories from all over. They carry a variety of products and all of them come from different places and countries, including Australia, United Kingdom, United States, India, Peru and China, NZ to name but a few. In saying this, if a customer is interested in a particular brand, the team at A Little Shop will endeavour to look into it for them. Another great feature of A Little Shop is that they do their very best to accommodate all body sizes from petite to size 16 and this goes a long way to explain the burgeoning business ascribing to this website.

To this end, it is interesting to read the testimonials of happy customers, always an accurate pointer to the success (or otherwise) of a business. Recently posted on the A Little Shop website was this testimonial from Vicki. “The dress arrived and is great, thank you so much. You have a great business and gorgeous clothes I will be back and will share with my girlfriends also”. And this from Lisa, “The dress arrived this am, love it. Thanks so much for your prompt work. Cheers!”

New arrivals from A Little Shop this month include Everly dresses for summer in vibrant shades and latest prints, glam trackies from Styletalker and a fabulous sweater. There are also Samvara bags and sandals in creamy caramels and some brightly coloured Status Anxiety purses and wallets. Spring is well under way and summer just around the corner so time to do your fashion shopping online to take advantage of the unique labels and boutique labels at A Little Shop. For more information and to view their ‘online shop’, please visit