Top business N.Y.'s Resolutions

Saturday 28 December 2013, 11:19AM
By Forge Media

What are your New Year’s resolutions going to be for your business?

Here are some of the most popular ones:

1. Learn how to delegate and do it more often. Give tasks to people who are best at that task, not just because they have a certain pay rate or job title. Use people’s core skill-sets. They will love you for it and you’ll reap the rewards in both productivity and employee retention.
2. Regularly and consistently promote the business and be open to new ways of reaching your market. Don’t ignore avenues just because you don’t understand it – classic example – social media marketing.
3. Have weekly business planning sessions. Involve your whole company so that your business goals and objectives are clear to every level in your company.
4. Learn new stuff that can help grow the business offering. Single mindedness can cause your to miss opportunities.
5. Join a business organisation to learn from others. Learn from people who have failed and succeeded. Ask them why they failed or succeeded.
6. Give something back to the community. Be a mentor to others, or volunteer your services, give away some products to charity.
7. Make time to have time out from business. Not every day should be dedicated to your business. Knowing when to just stop and relax with family and friends will help you feel better about working hard the rest of the time.
8. Set realistic goals – and achieve them. There’s nothing worse for morale than aiming for something that’s impossible to achieve. Yes, you’ve got to have great goals, but cut it into smaller bits so that you and your team get the satisfaction of success along the way.
9. Don’t settle for using business equipment that is second rate or always costing you money. Poor plant maintenance can be a killer at the worst possible time.
10. Identify what is not working, move on to something else. Don’t try to make things work that are obviously draining time and resources. This includes poor relationships, bad products and costly processes.

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