LeadMagic™ Announces Limited Availability for Auckland Plumbing Companies

Saturday 11 January 2014, 7:29PM
By eMagic


LeadMagic™, a newly-launched online marketing service, is announcing the limited availability of positions for new Auckland plumbing clients. Due to the highly personalised nature of service given to clients, there are limited openings in the plumbing industry. Interested companies in the Auckland area are invited to visit the LeadMagic™ website for more information.

“This is a great opportunity for anyone involved in plumbing in the Auckland area to take advantage of our services, which will connect them with high-quality leads,” said director of LeadMagic™ Cameron Whitaker. “Our offerings are completely innovative, and we deliver real results to a variety of service-based small and local companies throughout New Zealand. Plumbing is a particularly competitive service industry in Auckland and the surrounding areas, which is why we’re limiting the number of clients we accept in that category.”

LeadMagic™ was recently launched by the creators of eMagic, a successful Auckland SEO company. LeadMagic™ is a way for small and local businesses to be discovered during Google searches, thereby obtaining more valuable leads.

LeadMagic™ services are extremely targeted, and the company is operated by a team of expert online marketing specialists who know the tactics and techniques that are most beneficial to connect small businesses with their desired customers and clients.

“With our services, rather than local plumbers constantly striving to find new customers, we’ll do that part and they can focus on providing great service, so it’s an all-around win,” said Whitaker. “If you’re always chasing leads, you’re not able to dedicate the adequate amount of time to customers, but we’ll deliver those leads directly to your phone line and your email inbox.”

LeadMagic™ has a 30-day guarantee policy in place, ensuring that if a company doesn’t obtain new leads within a 30-day period, they will receive their money back. In addition to plumbing businesses, LeadMagic™ serves the needs of a range of businesses, including dentists, accountants, cleaning companies and pest control companies.

About LeadMagic
LeadMagic™ is an innovative company, providing small, local Kiwi businesses with the tools needed to connect with customers via Google and other online search tools. LeadMagic™ helps customers create optimised websites, and attracts new customers to these sites using professionally managed search engine marketing techniques. For more information, visit the LeadMagic™ website at