LeadMagic™ Introduces Services Connecting Pest Control Auckland Companies Directly with Customers

Thursday 16 January 2014, 3:29PM
By eMagic


Many small businesses face an uphill climb, particularly those businesses that are service-based in a competitive field, such as pest control. LeadMagic™, a newly created service is offering Auckland-area pest control Auckland companies the opportunity to gain a competitive edge, and enjoy quality inbound links.

Due to the highly specialised nature of the services provided by LeadMagic™, they only accept a limited number of clients, and they’re currently accepting companies providing pest management services. Not only are spaces limited, but the time frame by which pest control companies can take advantage of the LeadMagic™ offerings is brief.

LeadMagic™ is a service that harnesses the power of Internet marketing and search engines, and connects quality customers directly to service providers.

“When you offer a valuable service, people are undoubtedly looking for what you offer—so it all comes down to an issue of connecting those people who are searching to the businesses providing that service,” said LeadMagic™ co-founder Nathan Whitaker. “The days of browsing the phone book are over, and consumers are increasingly turning to the Internet as a resource to find service providers, including pest control services. That’s what we offer—the tools and resources needed to connect these consumers to small businesses in Auckland.”

The team of LeadMagic™ is highly experienced in the world of digital marketing. Their team is also behind the successful SEO NZ Company eMagic.

“What’s unique about our services is our focus on the small, local businesses in Auckland,” said Whitaker. “They often don’t feel they have the time, the means or the knowledge to connect with customers in the way larger companies do, but we deliver everything a business needs to operate on a level that’s competitive with much larger companies.”

When a pest control company works with LeadMagic™, they’ll receive a customised website which will be used to drive traffic and essentially new leads directly to the email and voicemail inboxes of the business. LeadMagic™ also offers monthly lead reports, and if a business doesn’t see new inbound lead generation within a period of 30 days, they’re eligible to take advantage of a money-back guarantee. Interested pest control companies are invited to take advantage of the limited LeadMagic™ offerings by applying through the companies website

About LeadMagic

LeadMagic™ is an innovative company, providing small, local Kiwi businesses with the tools needed to connect with customers via Google and other online search tools. LeadMagic™ helps customers create optimised websites, and attracts new customers to these sites using professionally managed search engine marketing techniques.