Trans Pacific Partnership - The End of NZ as a Sovereign Nation

Friday 17 January 2014, 11:27AM
By Peter Drew

The Trans Pacific Partnership – The End of NZ as a Sovereign Nation

What is the biggest threat that NZ as a nation has ever encountered in its relatively short history?  Was it World War 1 which led to NZ losing 3% of it entire population at Gallipoli?  Was it World War 2 with the threat of the Nazi regime taking control of the world?  Was it the Pacific nuclear testing by the French in the 1980's that led to the terrorist attack on the Rainbow Warrior?  Or was it the attempts of the US to bring their nuclear warships into NZ in the 1980's which led to NZ being the only country in the world to valiantly stand up to and repel this threat?

The answer is none of these, even though these examples represent NZ's tremendous courage to stand up to the world for what the NZ people deem to be right.  The truth is that the biggest threat that NZ has ever faced is right now with the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership.  So secretive is this proposed 'trade deal' that not even the US Congress is allowed to know the details of it, let alone the NZ MPs who will be asked to sign it off as part of this proposed 12 nation agreement.

The TPP, if signed off by US Congress and NZ parliament, will officially and legally be the end to NZ as a sovereign nation.  For those who are sceptical of this claim, please watch this interview on Russia Today News .  NZ will become a nation totally under the legal control of huge global corporations rather than its own government.  The TPP means that if any of the 12 participating nations refuses to agree with an action that a corporation deems to be profit making, that corporation can sue that nation for what it deems will be its loss of profit.  As a hypothetical example of this, if an oil giant such as Anadarko, which is currently setting up highly dangerous deep sea oil drilling operations around NZ, determines that there are substantial oil reserves in Milford Sound, if the NZ government refuses to allow them to set up an oil drilling operation in the middle of Milford Sound, then Anadarko can sue the NZ government for the billions or trillions of dollars that it states it will lose in profit from not being able to drill Milford Sound out of existence. 

So much for clean, green NZ!!  Any environmental issues will become totally obsolete as the NZ government is forced to agree with whatever these profit driven mega corporations want.  If a major global pharmaceutical company deems that they have a drug or a vaccine that the NZ population needs, the NZ government will have to allow it to be distributed and promoted no matter how potentially harmful it may be to the population.  The bottom line will be that the only thing that legally matters will be the profit margins of the giant corporations.

This is what the TPP truly means, and this is why President Obama, at the request of the mega corporations who funded his Presidential campaign, is keeping this trade deal top secret from absolutely everyone he can, including all members of the US Congress and the NZ MPs.  President Obama and his global corporate masters know very well that if people understand the truth about what the TPP really represents then there is absolutely no way that it will ever get passed.  Therefore he is trying very hard to have this fast tracked through US Congress and the partner governments with no opportunity for real questions to even be raised.

The NZ public, NZ MPs, and NZ media must do everything possible to prevent this absolutely heinous proposal from being authorised and NZ's sovereignty destroyed.  This is the biggest threat that the nation of NZ has ever faced.  Please NZ MPs and NZ media, you need to stand up at this critical time and help to save your country from this global corporate take-over.  Your children and your grandchildren have to live in this country as well.