Does media breakthrough on 9/11 set the scene for a new future?

Wednesday 13 August 2014, 8:50PM
By Peter Drew

                                Does media breakthrough on 9/11 set the scene for a new future?

                                                                By Peter Drew, MSc

In the decades or centuries to come, the ground breaking C-SPAN interview with US architect Richard Gage on live US television on August 1st may well go down as a major turning point in history.  This of course depends on how history unfolds over the next few months and years.  It will depend on whether enough people and enough of the mainstream media have the courage to rise to the challenge of confronting the extremely unpalatable global problem that Mr Gage so clearly and courageously laid out on live TV to millions across America.  The ground breaking 40 minute interview can be seen here .

Richard Gage, AIA, is the CEO and founder of the organisation ‘Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth’ (AE911Truth), an organisation formed in 2006 and made up of more than 2,200 professionally qualified architects and engineers, as well as nearly 20,000 other members of the general public.  The professional architects and engineers of AE911Truth have been working for the past 8 years uncovering and bringing forward a huge amount of forensic and eye-witness evidence to determine just how World Trade Centre Building 7, a 47 story high-rise tower not hit by a plane, could possibly have collapsed as it did at 5.20pm on 9/11, in near perfect symmetry, at free fall acceleration, and in less than 7 seconds (see the link here of CNN’s Dan Rather on the day of 9/11 as he describes the collapse of WTC Building 7 as being ‘reminiscent of a controlled demolition where a building is deliberately destroyed using well placed dynamite’ )    

The incredible evidence that these professional experts have gathered provides irrefutable proof that WTC Building 7 could not possibly have collapsed from simple office fires as the official 9/11 investigators claim.  According to AE911Truth, the forensic evidence and eye-witness evidence instead clearly proves controlled demolition using explosives.  The evidence also points to a similar situation for the Twin Towers even though these buildings were both struck by aircraft.  This evidence is not new at all.  AE911Truth has now presented this evidence to public audiences in 32 different countries, and 82 different cities across the US.  So this evidence, and its very disturbing implications, has certainly been out in the public domain for a number of years now, and when these audiences have seen the evidence, they have been in almost 100% agreement that the official version of events that we have been told about 9/11 are clearly false and not possible. 

However, despite the huge efforts of AE911Truth to get this incredible evidence out to the wider public, until this ground breaking interview by C-SPAN, the mainstream media of the US and the majority of the rest of the western world have been steadfastly refusing to show or discuss any of this evidence.  The silence from our mainstream media and our politicians on this evidence has been nothing short of deafening.  With a virtual global censorship on this evidence by the mainstream media, this interview by C-SPAN was a major breakthrough with regards the media censorship.  Whether this helps the ‘9/11 truth’ dam to finally break or not, only time will tell.

In addition to this very significant development, another major issue of buried 9/11 evidence is also in the process of bursting into the public spotlight.  In December 2013, two US Congressmen were given permission to view 28 pages of the official 9/11 Commission Report which had been redacted and censored for alleged purposes of national security.  Having viewed these 28 pages, the two congressmen are said to have been amazed and deeply shocked, and have since demanded that President Obama make these pages available to the public. .  Since then, this issue has gone to committee for further assessment and there are now calls from an increasing number of US Congress members demanding that these 28 pages be made public.

Are these two major developments regarding 9/11 evidence a sign that the US government’s standard practice of foreign policy being achieved through deceit and false flag attacks may be crumbling?  Could it be that a sizeable enough percentage of the public may now finally be seeing through the US global deceit mechanism to the extent that these strategies of deception are no longer working?  To explore this very important question a little more, let’s have a quick look at a few recent examples of how the US government has used false information or false flag attacks in order to try to implement their ‘foreign policy’, but the public have now refused to buy it:

1.  9/11 – by far the biggest and most obvious example.  While the majority of the public initially bought into the lie of the greatest false flag attack in history, over time this great lie has been ruthlessly and methodically broken down and exposed by tenacious experts until we have the situation we have today of a tipping point being nearby where the official version of 9/11 will no longer be tenable with the public.  If this happens, the implications and impact of this would be unprecedented in human history and would change the world dramatically

2. Invasion of Iraq – despite protests by millions around the world prior to the invasion, the invasion still took place even though the US and UK had failed to get the required legal authorisation from the United Nations.  With the subsequent developments showing that there were no weapons of mass destruction, and that the evidence for WMDs was clearly manufactured, the fraudulent invasion of Iraq and the subsequent death of more than one million innocent lives has done more to destroy US and UK credibility and believability than any other event…….until that is if the 9/11 dam breaks completely.  Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the UK at the time, still has the current Chilcot enquiry hanging over his head with the potential to be found guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity for fraudulently manufacturing the case for war with Iraq.  His now infamous fear mongering speech given in parliament in early 2003 stating that Iraq could deploy its WMDs against the UK within 45 minutes has virtually destroyed the UK public’s belief in subsequent cries for more war

3. Syria – in what was an obvious false flag chemical attack on Syrian civilians, the US and UK governments, without the slightest hesitation, blamed it on the Syrian government and were ready to bomb the country back to the stone-ages.  President Obama and John Kerry had the bombers fuelled up and ready to go, and the propaganda speeches were duly made to the world to justify what was allegedly an unavoidable and necessary war for ‘freedom and democracy’.  The only problem was that the public were no longer buying the lies and propaganda.  In the US, only 9% of the public supported military action.  British Parliament, on a wave of protest from the public against military action, took the incredible action of voting against Prime Minister David Cameron’s formal motion for war.  This was the first time this had happened in 400 years of British politics.  Russia then rescued President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron from an impossible position by suggesting that one solution could be for Syria to destroy its stockpile of chemical weapons, which Syria predictably agreed to without hesitation as they had absolutely no desire to be bombed into oblivion.  So much for unavoidable war.

4. Iran – despite years of the US and Israel trying to mount the case for major military action against Iran (the 4th largest oil reserve in the world), the public and the military just haven’t been willing to give their support to this, especially after the Iraq lies and deception.  The public just haven’t been prepared to believe the propaganda and fear mongering that Iran was arming themselves for nuclear attacks.  Iran has not aggressively attacked another country for more than 300 years, but that certainly isn’t what the war propaganda has been saying.  However, it would seem that the public have started to see through the illusion and lies on this one as well

5. Ukraine – this is another glaring example of the standard US blueprint for manufactured war no longer working on the public.  The tragic shooting down of flight MH17 was immediately, and without a single shred of evidence, blamed on Russian backed militia in Eastern Ukraine using a surface to air missile.  A global backlash against Russia was immediately called for by the US, EU, and NATO as part of a clear cut political/military campaign against Russia.  However, once again the blueprint of false flag destruction was quickly exposed.  The independent, non-corporate controlled media are now seasoned experts at dismantling the false flag operational blueprint.  Within several days of the MH17 event, they were quickly dismantling the US/EU/NATO claims , and the government and media of Malaysia was fighting back to expose the real evidence of what really happened .  In addition, former US Presidential candidate Ron Paul has now openly claimed that the US is hiding the true evidence about MH17 .  The real evidence has now been exposed, although not yet shown by the mainstream media, showing that MH17 was shot down by one or more fighter jets of the Ukranian government, a government that was installed through an illegal coup, with the support and backing of the US, and whose military has been armed and trained by the US

6. Israeli genocide of Gaza – although not strictly speaking a false flag event, the recent utter genocidal destruction of Gaza has been met with the same hypocritical rhetoric by the US and UK governments.  However, this time it seems that the public are no longer buying it.  In response to the bombing of multiple UN schools in Gaza contributing to the slaughter of hundreds of Palestinian children, President Obama gave the world the usual hypocrisy filled speech saying that more needs to be done to minimise the collateral damage to innocent civilians, while at the same time approving another $235 million worth of military support to Israel’s genocidal war machine as part of the $3 billion of annual funding and support from the US to Israel, a country which has now officially declared their intention to completely destroy the entire population of Palestine in order to protect itself.  Meanwhile Israel moves to further maintain their total control of US Congress by giving 81 members of US Congress a nice week long holiday in Tel Aviv .  Once again we see that the public are simply no longer buying the lies and propaganda.  There are huge grass roots public action groups all across the world calling for boycotting of Israeli companies and products, the United Nations have openly declared Israel’s attack on the schools in Gaza a war crime, and the UK’s Foreign Office Minister, Baroness Warsi, resigned in disgust at the UK governments continuing support of Israel as they go about their child slaughtering rampage .

So, are the people of the United States and the rest of the western world finally on the verge of understanding that the US, UK, Israeli governments, and others, cannot be trusted in any way, shape or form when they make their calls for the next war, or their call for the next nation to be bombed into oblivion?  Are the people starting to understand that it is actually the governments of these countries themselves, controlled by the global corporate oligarchs and the big global bankers from behind the scenes, who are actually the perpetrators of almost all of the death, destruction, and carnage that we see everywhere today?

The examples given here would suggest that this may be the case.  They would suggest that the old way of the US, UK, Israel, and others doing business by using false flag attacks, lies, deception, and propaganda to fool the public into agreeing to more needless resource based wars may be close to running its course. 

If this is indeed the case, then the world may potentially be on the verge of moving into a new and better way of operating.  In several hundred years, this time in history right now may be looked back upon as a monumentally pivotal point in the evolution of human society where the human race decided that destroying themselves through fraudulent war for profit was no longer acceptable, and would no longer be tolerated.  The potential breaking of the dam on the media’s censorship of the irrefutable evidence about the 9/11 false flag attacks could well provide the ultimate catalyst for that process.  If that does in fact turn out to be the case, then Richard Gage’s breakthrough interview about the 9/11 cover up on C-SPAN on August 1st may one day be seen as a hugely pivotal point in history. 

The response of the mainstream media, our politicians, and our military personnel will certainly be interesting.