Whale Watch Kaikoura Take Digital Dip with New App

Tuesday 11 November 2014, 6:53PM
By Cabbage Tree Creative


New Zealand Eco-tourism operator Whale Watch Kaikoura have launched a mobile application making their award-winning marine wildlife tours more interactive than ever before.

The app, which was designed by Christchurch digital agency Cabbage Tree Creative, encourages New Zealanders to get involved with the conservation of the Kaikoura environment, as well as educating the large number of international tourists that visit Kaikoura about the significance of the local landscape and wildlife.

Whale Watch Kaikoura long been committed to the protection of native mammals and natural resources since their beginnings in the late 1980s.

Marketing Manager Lisa Bond felt it was important to bring the message of conservation to a new generation of international visitors and young New Zealanders who tend to consume a lot of information through the latest mobile devices and technology.

“Our aim was to create an app which would aid our visitors in learning about the amazing marine life that can be sighted on our tours as well as send out a conservation message with a challenge aspect to it.”

The Conservation feature on the app sets out environmental challenges to get involved activities such as cleaning up our plastic and being responsible tourists while travelling around the country. Coastal pollution continues to be a significant threat to a number of these species, whose numbers have diminished over the years.

Bond said one of the highlights of the app is the real-time GPS tracking that allows tourists to ‘find their current location’ while taking the tour and identifies upcoming points-of-information along the journey.

‘Being able to check-in to the app and see real-time where you are throughout the tour is great.’

Other features include high-quality images and facts about the all the breeds of whales, dolphins, seals and marine birds that frequent the coastline of Kaikoura.

The app is available for free download from the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Stores.