Results Driven Advertising With Magnum

Friday 28 November 2014, 1:54PM
By Beckie Wright

During the three decades that Magnum has been in business, the communications industry has evolved rapidly and what may have worked 10 years ago won’t necessarily get results today.  This means that Magnum Advertising & Design are careful not to make assumptions about what their client is thinking, as every job begins with a blank piece of paper which the creative team at Magnum fill in by following specific processes. They ask questions such as, “Who is your market? What do they want? Who are your competitors? What’s their strategy? What mind space do they own with your customers?”  By analysing customer behaviour and competitor activity Magnum can help their client to pinpoint a unique point of difference for their brand. If research isn’t available, Magnum are there to help their client to uncover this essential.

The resourceful team at Magnum Advertising & Design have a specific process to create results-driven advertising and the first part of it is understanding their client’s business, their customers and their competitors. They also need to know who their market is, what do they want, what their strategy is and what mind space they own with their customers. Analysing customer behaviour and competitor activity can help clients to pinpoint a unique point of difference for their brand, and if research isn’t available, Magnum can help to uncover this essential information.

The second part of the process is to develop a tactical media plan, deciding what media channels will work for the client and how they can get the biggest bang for their media buck. The Magnum team work with one of Auckland’s leading media strategists, designing an efficient and effective media plan with the right balance of reach and frequency.

Thirdly, is the need to create compelling advertising, finding the client’s primary point of difference and highlighting the benefits on offer, working on communicating these to the client’s audience. “Magnum begin with a carefully crafted brief from which they then create an advertising campaign that connects to and entertains the customer. As they say at Magnum, “You can’t get results if nobody’s paying attention to your ads.”
Magnum’s clients enjoy the best of both worlds, with the combination of their big agency ability with small agency agility, and every task they take on begins with a clear understanding of their clients’ business and objectives. For further information on Magnum Advertising & Design, please visit their website at .