One NZ SEO Company Gets Nude in Public

Tuesday 10 February 2015, 8:55PM
By BigBangly

Our idea on how to boost New Zealand’s startup success rate.

Starting a company is hard, around the world on average 120,000 companies fail every single day. I’m sure you’ve walked down to your favourite local cafe before and seen that ugly ‘For Lease’ sign plastered all over their window and if you’ve ever experienced this failure yourself, you know it sucks.

As Eric Ries, entrepreneur and CTO of IMVU, once said “we need to turn this failure rate around before it’s too late.”

So how do we as a country of entrepreneurs and businesspeople fight this?

Steven Male from BigBangly thinks going nude might just fix this problem.

“With the launch of our latest startup ‘Launchcademy’ we have decided the best way to share our results and help other companies shortcut their way to success is to get completely naked!

Okay maybe posting pictures of ourselves skinny dipping on Instagram isn’t what we mean… We’re talking about creating a completely nude company.

From the very start we aim to be completely transparent with everything from monthly revenues to bad customers. Each week we experiment with the lessons we teach, track results and share them to the world.

We believe that this is a fun way to be held accountable with the material we teach, the results we achieve and really allows for a more honest business environment while radically reducing the chance for vanity, stat-driven hype or those surprise monthly bills!

Some are calling us a little crazy but we believe that this is the best way to share our story and educate others on what’s working and what isn’t so we can help fast track their path to success.”

And be honest, we have all skewed our results to shareholders before - the same way most of us avoid looking in the mirror! But doing this leads to an increasingly harsh reality as more bills pile up and as more problems are left unsolved since you’d rather relax and watch the game.

Whether you're thinking about completely facing the honest truth about your company or simply taking your shirt off, going naked is definitely one way to improve your chance of success. And if you feel like it’s a little unwise to go nude publicly, why not take a gander underneath your clothes privately?

New Zealand is the perfect country for startups and small businesses. We live over 80 years on average, we boast world-shaking companies like Weta Digital and Xero and finally, as you are probably well aware, we are an awesome bunch of people who deserve a little more success in our financial lives!

On a final note if you think going completely nude is a little crazy take a look at our government. We are the first country in the world for complete government budget transparency and I think if John Key can face the harsh light of reality, we can too.

So go out, get naked and have some fun! Getting naked is about becoming free and if you’re feeling a little social why not share a cheeky #gettingnudenz to show your friends and family that you’re not scared of what’s underneath!

BigBangly is the perfect place to start spreading your message. If you want to learn more about BigBangly and how we’re keeping it nude head over to!

We’re levelling the business playing field by delivering a world class education that is accessible and affordable for all. We also provide free weekly training videos and podcasts sharing the journey as we help other NZ companies succeed. Finally we’ll also be interviewing some of the top minds around the country so we can share their top tips for success!

If you’re interested in success it’s definitely worth your while.

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