What is SEO and how does it affect my NZ business?

Wednesday 18 February 2015, 2:40AM
By BigBangly

One of the most commonly asked question we get is 'What does SEO actually stand for?'


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it is probably the most mysterious and over used term.


SEO is all about making sure you website is optimised for search engines and you know it is optimised if it is appearing in the top results.


SEO is generally measured in terms of a keyword. A keyword is a phrase you would type into Google for example 'what is SEO' is a keyword and so is 'BigBangly'. The higher we rank for these keywords, the more we can say our SEO has been a success.


SEO comes in two parts, on-page SEO which is ensuring your website is communicating a clear message (and keyword) to your audience and to the search engines and off-page which is all about how much trust your domain has which increases from factors like how many relevant people are linking to your website (backlinks).


What most people don't know if SEO can come naturally to a site as long as you are clear in your message and aren't trying to sell your audience an overwhelming amount of stuff, consistently keep your website fresh by updating pages and releasing content like blog posts and finally providing value!


Another little bonus is local SEO. If you own a flower shop in Auckland, make sure you put on your website that you are from Auckland, New Zealand. This will make sure the search engines will start helping you appear on local listings and help you do local NZ SEO.


If you do the above you will find your website will automatically start to be SEO'd!


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