Get Free Cleaning Quotes with CleaningQuotes

Sunday 24 May 2015, 4:44PM
By CleaningQuotes

It is now easier than ever to get ">free cleaning quotes for both residential and commercial cleaning with the introduction of CleaningQuotes. CleaningQuotes is one of most significant developments to the New Zealand cleaning industry since the emergence of the internet as a marketing tool. CleaningQuotes is an independent, privately owned New Zealand company founded with the sole purpose of providing end users with the opportunity to compere like with like cleaning quotes. Furthermore, CleaningQuotes ensures that the quotes provided are only from experienced, trustworthy and reliable cleaners, removing the worry of whether the cleaning company the client selects is able to deliver the quality of service required by the client.

In developing the CleaningQuotes concept it was recognised that for individuals and organisations that required cleaning services the process of identifying which cleaning companies are best suited to provide the necessary cleaning services was too complicated and time consuming. With the very high levels of risk associated with any decision the client or company takes. With an extremely competitive market place how can anyone be sure about the quality and service the chosen cleaner from the internet will provide? 

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