Breen Panelbeaters – Improve Your Car's Appealwith Bumper Repair Services

Thursday 9 July 2015, 6:19PM
By Breen Panelbeaters


Car bumper scratches can harm the appearance of your vehicle and significantly affect its resale value. Instead of covering the dents with stickers or wasting money on complete replacement, you can restore your bumper to its original condition with repair services. From minor scratches to cracks and dents, bumper repair services can improve your car’s appealin no time.

Bumper repair can address issues such as cracks, key marks, deep scratches and paint imperfection at a fraction of the cost of replacing the bumper completely. Repair specialists can fix and remove minor cosmetic damages in just a few hours, helping you save time and money.With services like this, you don’t have to let scrapes, gouges and scratches on your bumper compromise your vehicle’s appeal and value.

Breen Panelbeaters is the company to trust when it comes to bumper repair services. The company has the expertise and experience to make bumpers look good as new with sanding, grinding, sculpting and painting. They can fix bumper damages such as scuffs, scratches, cracks, holes, dents and cracks. They also provide Auckland motorists with high-grade panel beating materials, repairs and services

If your vehicle is plagued with dents, scratches and rust, Breen Panelbeaters can restore it to its former glory in no time. Once the companyhas repaired the damage, they make sure that the replacement paint will perfectly match the original. The best thing about this service is that it has 100 per cent quality guarantee, and no other Papatoetoe panel beater can give you this kind of service.

Breen Panelbeaters has been in the business for 25 years and has only gone from strength to strength since. The company is one of the leading experts in car bumper repair services in South Auckland.  They also deal with smash repairs arising from insurance claims, but are especially adept at fixing regular wear and tear. 

As a family operated business, the company strives to provide excellent customer service. They understand that accidents do happen, which is why their family has been in the business of cleaning and fixingthem up for so many years.For more information, about their repair services, you may visit their website,