Prepare for the Worse: Plumbing Services that Keep Disasters Away

Friday 10 July 2015, 1:42PM
By Walton Plumbing


With the growing economy and the unique lifestyle balance in Christchurch, its population has grown with over a thousand permanent and long-term migrants in January of this year alone.

As this signifies an increasing population for the next 11 months, problems like waste disposal and plumbing must be offset while it is still possible. Plumbing has been a great source of distress in major cities like London during the second quarter of the year. A fatberg has grown in the city the size of a double deck bus.

Fatbergs are a compilation of residential and commercial wastes that did not dissolve down the pipeline and instead transformed into a disastrous city problem. The repair took a lot of manhours and, needless to say, financial resources that could have been avoided with individual regular plumbing solutions.

Trusted Plumbing Services

Walton Plumbing will have an expert plumber out to you in Christchurch or wider Canterbury in a service van. They pride themselves with fast services and serve both domestic andcommercial properties.

Walton Plumbingcan take care of plumbing emergencies and prevent any further inconvenience and probable future damage. As a trusted Christchurch plumber for many decades, they have the expertise and experience in repairing plumbing systems, such as hot water heaters and recirculating systems, grease traps, pumping systems, dishwashers, cylinders, and bathtubs.

Quality Customer Service

“There is nothing like the peace of mind that comes with being completely covered for plumbing emergencies,” says Walton Plumbing in their website.

Walton Plumbing understands that plumbing issues can occur at inconvenient times and cause a lot of stress. Rapid response becomes a distinguishing trait among plumbing companies. That’s why Walton Plumbing provides24-hour plumbing services. Their tradespeople are always ready and they have a reputation for arriving and completing the work on time.

They believe that good customer service is the key to business success. They are dedicated togiving quality and lasting results that has kept many customers coming back whenever they needed the services.

Explore their website for many other services, such as preventative maintenance and service work, annual checks, pre-winter check, pre-winter gutter and drain cleaning, and all types of repairs. You may visit their website at for a free quote or call them at 03 366 0306.