Housing Removal Woes: The Free Auckland House That Nobody Wants to Claim

Monday 13 July 2015, 8:48PM
By House Transporters


All hope is not yet lost if you still can’t find a suitable home in North Island’s major city inNew Zealand.

A free house located in Bucklands Beachwas reportedly still up for grabs after several inquirers found it too costly to move. The residence, which is a good 13km east of the city’s CBD, remains empty as housing removal companies estimated the cost for such a big house to reach as much as $200,000.

Jason Chen, son of the owners, said his parents planned to demolish the house to erect a new one. But instead of demolishing, he asked them to give him some time and see if anyone would take the house.

“But I saw the house and thought that instead of demolishing a perfectly fine house maybe someone out there that couldn't afford a good house could get it,” he said. Chen provides the house for free, but the new owners should shoulder the removals costs, which house movers in NZ quoted too high.

About a thousand people sent him an email requesting for the house. Chen already replied to more than a half, but has yet to find the right one. Almost everyone, according to him, claimed that the removal services from a few house movers in Auckland appear too costly and not practical for them.

Chen received some inquiries for some parts of the four-bed, two-bath, two-garage house, although he said that he wants to give the whole 1940s-1960s villa to the most deserving family.

“The house is really nice, I was told that the house was designed, managed and built by one family and they used the best materials for the house.” He says that if no one can claim the house in three weeks, they will probably go on with the demolition.

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