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Mitsubishi Spare Parts Auckland –Mitsubishi Growing into NZ's Best Mainstream Car Brand

Tuesday 14 July 2015, 6:58PM
By Belair Mitsubishi Wreckers

Mitsubishi shares the top spot of trusted car brands with Toyota, Honda and other popular names. While the automotive industry reflects on the largest passenger vehicle sales in the recent years, Mitsubishi acknowledges its growing customer appeal, which cemented its position as NZ’s growing mainstream car brand.

Car enthusiasts enjoy the smoother rides that come with this brand. Mitsubishi is known for its luxurious and sporty design, its capability to bring you from one point to another faster compared to other brands. Apart from their superior performance, Mitsubishi cars possess attractive exteriors that catch eyes everywhere. The car brand’s exterior appeals to everyone, which is advantageous to the driver who wishes to ride around the city in style.

Mitsubishi maintenance is also convenient and easily accessible. If you’re in need of spare parts for your Evo, Belair Mitsubishi Wreckers is at your service.

If you are looking for Mitsubishi EVO parts in Auckland, Belair Mitsi provides an extensive range of car parts and spares. The company specialises only in high quality Mitsubishi parts, supporting the brand’s growing reputation as NZ’ beloved mainstream car brand. 

Belair Mitsubishi takes pride in being one of New Zealand’s leading Mitsubishi wreckers and suppliers capable of providing nationwide deliveries. Located in Takanini, the company sits in the heart of South Auckland, providing easy access for interested clients.

When you buy spare parts from Belair Mitsubishi, you can be sure of parts designed for prolonged usage. In order to uphold the company’s reputation as experienced auto-recyclers, Belair Mitsubishi utilises stricter quality-control standards for reliable and safe products.

The company handles a wide selection of makes and models of Mitsubishi car parts in Auckland. Belair Mitsubishi deals with spare parts from the models such as Airtrek, Mirage, Dion, RVR 380, Outlander, Colt and Colt plus.

The Mitsubishi specialist commits to providing clients with 100% customer satisfaction. To uphold their good reputation with the NZ car community, Belair Mitsi guarantees all of your purchases with warrantees that reflect the company’s confidence in their products. With their range of warranty options, every auto part is automatically covered.

Belair Mitis aims to uphold the Mitsubishi’s glorious rankings in the NZ car world. Visit their website at for more information on their spare parts and services.