Do I Have Uneven Floors?: Find Out in Two Ways

Tuesday 14 July 2015, 7:24PM
By Vision Installations


Do you have the nagging feeling that your floors are not as even and straight as they should be? Maybe it isn’t. The most common causes of foundation problems include poor structural design, improperly compacted soils under the structure, soil movement and excessive moisture under the house due to plumbing leaks.


Although it’s not easy to check on these factors to see if your floors aren’t straight, there are distinctive signs that show signs of unevenness, damage or sagging. You can check on these signs by doing one very easy, although unscientific step, or you can also rely on a professional’s expert opinion.


Rolling a Marble


Although this step is unscientific, it isalso the easiest and the most effective. Take a large marble and roll it across the floor. See if it rolls straight across or goes down. Although this measure is a poor way of determining how bad your foundation problem is, it’s a quick step that can tell your floors are uneven.


This approach helps determine if the floor and foundation of your pier and beam structure is uneven and if you need to fix slab foundation repair issues. The rolling of the marble will give you an idea of how sloped your floors are.


Enlisting a Professional


A more scientific and precise strategy to figure out how uneven your floorsareis to consult a foundation repair contractor so they evaluate your property. A qualified foundation contractor can measure your various floor levels and through their equipment, determine how out of level your house floors are.


It’s urgent to have your floor checked if you feel there’s something wrong with it. The common causes of this problem, such as the build-up of excessive moisture under your house can lead to a major slab foundation repair, which could cost an arm and a leg.


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