PropertyOnly NZ: A Fully Featured Real EstaPropertyOnly NZ: A Fully Featured Real Estate Platformte Platform

Saturday 15 August 2015, 5:38PM
By PropertyOnly NZ

PropertyOnly NZ launched its completely redesigned website recently. The website is a new service that aims to be a fully featured platform for the New Zealand real estate industry. The layout promises to make it easier for interested parties to find properties for sale and rental properties than ever before.


According to a representative from PropertyOnly NZ, one of the primary goals was to offer an all-inclusive website that can offer everything that people may want. "So many real estate websites are just not for everyone. We have everything, whether you need lifestyle properties for sale, are looking at farms for sale, or want to post in flatmates wanted, PropertyOnly NZ aims to offer everything that you might need online”.


Finding the relevant information

The website is able to offer consumers a chance to better navigate the commercial property for sale and commercial property for lease. With an easy-to-use homepage with clean design, quick property search, and a streamlined menu bar, users need fewer clicks to be able to access their desired information.


“We know that people want information. The days of just showing three or four pictures are gone. Given that we are currently in a buyer’s market, why would anyone have his or her interest piqued by a property that only shows two or three pictures? You are able to upload 30 pictures for each listing, we have simple drag and drop uploading support for those not too familiar with computers, and you can even add a YouTube video to your listing. Consumers know that a picture is only static, but a video on YouTube gives you a better chance to see what the property is about,” said a PropertyOnly NZ representative.


Another interesting addition is the fact that it is possible to tag property on a map with Google Street View. This allows prospective buyers or renters to see the actual layout of the street that they may live on, but also allows them to see the surrounding area. Some of the facilities that users can check for include schools, shopping malls, nearby physicians, and many others.


Easy to use – free to start with

PropertyOnly NZ is doing what it can to show agents just how confident it is in its own quality. Not only is it exceedingly easy to sign up for the website (with a one-minute sign-up process), but if agents happen to forget a password, they are able to utilise the Forgot Password page and quickly get their password back.


“We understand that some users are hesitant to try a new service. However, we also know that we have the best platform for New Zealand, ranging from homes, commercial properties, all the way to retirement villages.


Security has become a more important factor online as well, and PropertyOnly NZ does what it can to make sure that user data is kept safe. According to a PropertyOnly NZ representative “We understand that people are sometimes a bit hesitant about sharing their information online. This is why we secure our entire site with https. This means that your data is safe on our servers at all times.”


Responsive design

PropertyOnly NZ also focuses on an entirely “responsive design”, which means that the site is easy to navigate on any kind of device from tablets to phones, to personal computer. This allows for an optimal user experience. Especially considering the fact that the smartphone market keeps developing, this is an important step in the right direction.