PropertyOnly NZ Announces an Easy to use, Multi-Media Website Interface for Rental Property Providers

Wednesday 23 September 2015, 8:55PM
By PropertyOnly NZ

PropertyOnly NZ’s new web interface makes the display of agent’s properties more engaging for tenants looking for rental properties.

Auckland, New Zealand. PropertyOnly NZ - a fully featured real estate platform – has introduced what its creators believes to be a better and more interesting way for rental properties providers to showcase their properties to potential residents. Providers or real estate agents are now able to easily create multi-media presentations that give guests a detailed and engaging view of the site’s available properties. The site lets providers or agents display their properties to potential tenants free of charge. Some of the sites' multi-media capabilities allow users to:

  • Drag and drop uploading and posting of up to 30 images to the site.
  • Drag and drop image sorting.
  • Upload images as large as 10mb which means larger, clearer photos of rental properties. (for Firefox or Chrome browsers only.)
  • It also allows to rotate image to right direction.
  • All rental property features bullet pointed making them stand out more easily.
  • Mobile Device compatibility. The site allows user to swipe the screen to view multiple images. Also it shows the float menu bar for easy navigation in mobile device.
  • Allow uploading image through mobile device. The user does so by A) opening up the PropertyOnly NZ website in his or her mobile device, B) Go to the listing edit page, C) choose “upload image”, D) take photos and then once done the photo(s) can be uploaded automatically. This convenient feature means that owners can post updates from any place and at any time.
  • Graphic views of listing visiting reports.
  • Map and all facilities surrounding the property are listed out to give potential renter even more complete information before they choose the rental property in which they will be residing.
  • Agent can use the site to register visitors at open home site using tablet or Smartphone. The site can also help recording potential buyers' detail requirement for later following up.

PropertyOnly NZ is also aiming at providing additional agent friendly tools to improve agents' working efficiency. The site will keep on adding more functionality to enhance the experience of both agent and potential renter alike.

About PropertyOnly NZ 

PropertyOnly NZ is a technical company and provides a platform through which providers can display available rental properties. It is used by rental property providers and real estate agents who see the need to merge the new media to better service customers in the digital age.

Contact Information:
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