Website launched to remember people 'taken' by murder

Monday 19 October 2015, 2:46PM
By PR-ink

A website that provides a safe place for families to share a timeless public tribute to a loved one they have lost through murder or homicide has been launched today.


Alan and Wendy Marshall have developed the tribute website,, to honour their son, Andy Marshall, who was killed in an unprovoked attack in a bar in Perth in 2011. The Marshall’s wanted to salvage something good out of a senseless act of violence and help other families going through the shock and grief of losing a loved one to homicide.


“On average there are 106 homicides a year in New Zealand – that is two victims a weeks*. It is an incredibly alarming statistic.  On our harrowing journey following Andy’s death we found that there was no public domain where a timeless tribute could be placed for him, and where we can be reminded of the part we all play in keeping our communities safe. Taken has been created to provide that unique and special place.


“The aim of Taken is to give families a place where their taken loved ones can still have a voice. Although diverse in ethnicity, age, gender and backgrounds there is a common thread that links these bereaved families. All have lost a loved one through a criminal act. Their deaths were untimely, unnecessary and horrific.  So providing a community and network of people able to help and assist but also just understand what they are going through is also another key part of” said Alan.


The website provides information about dealing with grief, how to support people who have lost someone to homicide and contact details for other groups and organisations that offer support. There is also a Facebook site with the aim of opening up discussion about homicide, death, grief and the need for change in our society.


“Taken also provides a platform through which death and grief can be discussed. These are topics that we all tend to shy away from but do need to address. We hope that people who visit the site then join the Taken community, are spurred on to make positive and meaningful changes in our communities ensuring these senseless deaths no longer happen.


To visit the website visit or to contact the trust directly please email



*Research provided by a local member of Parliament - data used from 1978-2014