Two new Allied Petroleum South Island fuel stops to open

Wednesday 18 November 2015, 2:36PM
By Alexanders Internet Marketing

Allied Petroleum has two new fuel stops, growing their retail network. Both the Richmond (Nelson) and Cheviot (North Canterbury) fuel & truck stops will open during November. 

Both sites are part of Allieds growing 24/7 network. The Cheviot fuel stop will have diesel, 91 and 95 fuel, as well as various payment options) including credit card, eftpos, and the Allied Fuel Plus card).

The new Richmond truck stop is desinged for hearing transport operators, with two high flow diesel nozzles to allow for easy fill up. There is also a low flow nozzle, for lighter vehicles running on diesel. 

Allied Petroleum has become a well known fuel supply partner for rural communities often delivering diesel fuel (as well as 91 & 95 petrol in most areas) to farms, vineyards, transport companies, rural contractors, civil contractors, factories and even large ports.For more information on diesel fuel delivery, or to find your nearest service station please visit our website.