Top SEOs Search Engine Optimisation Ratings for Nov 2015 & How They Stack Up Against Google Rank

Wednesday 25 November 2015, 2:37PM
By Perry Bernard

Top SEOs Search Engine Optimisation Ratings & How They Stack Up Against Google Rank

By Perry Bernard for Forge Online.

If you operate a business that also has a website to support business lead generation or sales, then you’ve probably also faced the challenges of getting ranked in Google for what you offer. Most Google users don’t go beyond page 1 in search results, so there’s a clear relationship between getting new business from Google search and your business’s ability to be found on page 1.

As a small business owner it can sometimes be a challenge to find a digital marketing company you can trust and there are many ways you can find industry connections. For example, you could be referred to a company by word of mouth, and that’s often a great way to get connected to a quality provider. Many business owners may use Google to find a local provider, and some may use independent industry ratings to select their provider.

If you were looking for plumbing services in Google, there is probably no direct relationship between the rank position of the plumber’s website versus the plumber’s ability to provide quality plumbing services. After all, the plumber at the top of Google search probably paid an SEO provider to help them get there. On the other hand, SEO providers know all about getting ranked, so you might agree that their rank position in Google search is probably a very good indicator of how good they are at their job?

The Search Engine Optimisation industry is quite unique when compared to other industries in Google search, because it’s an industry that is comprised of people who actively work on Google ranking as part of their business model and product delivery, day in and day out. That makes it one of the most competitive industries to achieve Google page 1 rank, and arguably the best place to find the best providers.

If you are looking for independent industry ratings for SEO providers, then it’s likely you will come across a company called “Top SEOs”. This company provides country-level rankings for SEO service providers. Their ranking system includes a company profile, client base, annual turnover data, pricing levels and so on, plus an indicator on how each company is trending in those results. SEO agencies are rated on a monthly basis, so results are kept current. The purpose of this article is to compare the industry rating company “Top SEOs” with Google search results.

Top SEOs advertise their top 10 rankings very clearly as: “Best, top 10 search engine optimization companies in New Zealand” – screen shot attached. Here’s the current rating list:

We tested against 8 commercially relevant keyword phrases: ‘seo services’, ‘seo experts’, ‘seo agency nz’, ‘seo’, ‘seo company nz’, ‘seo Auckland’, ‘seo consultant’ and ‘search engine optimisation’. These are some of the phrases that a Google user might use to search for these types of service provider. The ranking test was performed using the Advanced Web Ranking cloud application. This is an application that searches systematically using incognito mode to ensure the rank positions are represented without a local or user bias. For more info on AWR visit: . We are not affiliated with AWR in any way, so this can be regarded as a fairly trustworthy view of Google rank.

*To score their overall relative position we’ve given each website points out of 100. For 1st position rank on all words they get 100 points, and for every rank position they drop per word, they lose points. A website that didn’t rank in the top 50 for any of the keywords gets 0 points as the baseline. This way there is an easy to rank % score at the end of each row. This isn’t exactly indicative as some sites may have gotten ranked at 51st position and still get 0% score, but for the scale of 1st-50th rank against 100-0% it works fine. A site that ranks #1 in Google organic search for all of the keyword phrases in the list would get a 100% score, but that scenario is unlikely.

Let’s check out how the Top SEOs Top 10 list for November 2015 fared when compared to current Google search results for November 2015:

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