Myjobspace.Co.Nz Making It Easier For Job Seekers

Friday 11 December 2015, 11:37AM
By Beckie Wright

The New Year is customarily the time when people, students in particular, are looking at finding a job or changing their job, for whatever reasons. As many firms are closed down over this time, it makes it just that much harder for job seekers to access the assistance they may require to help them to find the job they really want.

By going to  http://myjobspace.co.nz/about/  prospective job hunters are giving themselves a much better chance of finding that perfect job and, at the same time, with much less difficulty and accompanying stress. My Job Space makes it easy for those who are looking at job and career changes and the friendly and experienced team are there to help with the specific services they supply.

MyJobSpace.co.nz is New Zealand’s fastest growing jobsite and is also easily New Zealand’s largest owned jobsite and is also 100% Kiwi-owned. Their mission is to develop the most user-friendly job site for job hunters and, also, the most cost effective job site for employers. The site has been inundated with thousands of Kiwis searching My Job Space’s thousands of job vacancy listings.

My Job Space’s core aim is to provide the best value-for-money platform for employment advertising and a free stage for job hunters to promote themselves, as well as engage in the search for dream new jobs. There are also many valuable and free resources relating to careers and employment posted on the site and users are encourages to use them.

As an enterprise constantly striving to improve their service and resources, the professional team at My Job Space encourage feedback and suggestions from their users, and, as they say, “This is your job space - provided by Kiwis, for the benefit of all Kiwis”.

Keeping in mind that My Job Space makes it so much easier for Kiwis to search for jobs and for Kiwi employers to find employees, it makes sense to visit the website at http://myjobspace.co.nz .