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Monday 14 December 2015, 12:41PM
By CleaningQuotes


Auckland, New Zealand based Cleaning Quotes has announced the launch of their services via a new website. The free to use service, provides home and business owners with a database for finding quality cleaning services. Customers would be able to search by location, and they are given a list of cleaning service providers in their areas.

Matthew Woodley, spokesperson for Cleaning Quotes, released a statement about the service launch. He said, "Our aim is to help people in our area to find quality and reliable ">Auckland cleaners, and we believe that our comprehensive database will do just that."

The service is offered for free to residential and commercial customers who are searching for cleaning services. "We offer three quotes from three different companies, which allow customers to compare prices, cleaning schedules, and other information, ensuring that they receive the specific services they need," states Matthew Woodley.

Once a search has been done, cleaning service providers contact customers directly with their quotes, and customers are under no obligation to sign up with a specific service. Companies from all over Auckland are listed, ensuring that a local company can be found for most searchers, that is close to their location for convenience, although they are permitted to choose a service from anywhere in the area provided that company travels to their specific location.

The company database includes a number of home and ">office cleaning professionals, including specific services for spring and deep cleaning, school and shop cleaning, carpet cleaning, and surgical cleaning. Cleaning Quotes only uses companies that are proven to be reliable and qualified. Surgical cleaning companies, for instance, are required to be in compliance with current standards and regulations in order to be listed in the database.

The service is designed to make it easier for consumers and businesses to hire cleaning companies and ensure that they are getting a trustworthy company when they do hire someone. The company also provides the option for cleaning companies to partner with them by opening an account. New accounts receive the first five sales leads free of charge and there is no cost to subscribe to the database.


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