The Best, Eco-Friendly Way to Move: Relocate Your House

Wednesday 6 January 2016, 6:10PM
By House Transporters


A large house carried by a big truck always draws quite the attention. It is an amazing—almost unbelievable— sight; the fact that a stable and stationary thing can move and actually be relocated is something that many would consider an impossibility, but can, in fact, become a reality.

Most people literally move houses for many reasons. It saves more money because it is cheaper to relocate than build or buy a house. It is time-efficient; it is quicker to move than build. And it is more emotionally reassuring as you can keep the familiarity of the space you have grown fond of even in an otherwise unfamiliar community. But what most people do not realise is the move is also eco-friendly.

An Environment-Friendly Relocation

Choosing to move an existing home is a significant way to minimise your environmental impact. You will use far fewer new materials than you would if you built a new home. Another thing is you are recycling all materials by relocating your existing property. Demolition would not be necessary and wastes involved in the construction activity will be eliminated.

Challenges in Going Green

Although it has many benefits, relocating a home can be quite overwhelming. House moving entails thorough planning and coordination. You have to secure permits and apply for building consents, Project Information Memorandum for both the origin and destination, and resource consent.

Ask building consent authorities for details about application requirements. Often, the consent for placing your property on the new site entails submitting copies of the full site plan, floor plan, sub-floor bracing calculations, drainage plans, methods of potable water supply, storm water disposal strategies.

One more thing you should consider when moving houses is insurance. You need to ensure coverage for possible damages over the course of relocation.

A Hassle-Free Move

Make your eco-friendly move as stress-free as possible by working with the right people. Professional house movers have the right equipment and innovative methods to keep your home safe during the relocation. One of the most trusted companies that offers house removal solutions is House Transporters. For years, the company has been helping New Zealanders with all needs related to houses for removal. The team uses lift trucks, cranes and other innovative machines to provide the best service in the country.

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