Eliminating the Weird Noises of Common Plumbing Problems

Friday 8 January 2016, 6:02PM
By Walton Plumbing


You have been hearing strange noises lately. It all started with some whistling and vibrating. After that, you began hearing some popping and rumbling. The most frustrating part is that you often woke up in the middle of the night. Instead of a peaceful slumber, all those sounds come out. There is no need to worry; you are not alone.

Perhaps due to those unusual sounds, you are now thinking that your house is haunted. Before you make an assumption, you might want to conduct a thorough home inspection. There are a few possible sources. One of them is your plumbing system.

Improperly secured pipes, for instance, can make a loud banging noise when it hits something as the water passes through. A gurgling sink, on the other hand, is due to clogged drains. Certified plumbers note that it is best to fix the issues before it gets worse.

Plumbers in Christchurch explain that pipes, faucets, a water hammer and the toilet’s fill valve make some weird sounds often mistaken for ghosts or menacing monsters. What homeowners should be scared about is the costly damage it can cause.

A number of studies in New Zealand reveal that a faulty plumbing system is a big issue, as it can cost homeowners thousands. In fact, it can lead to flood, sky-high water bills and a major headache.

Fortunately, with Walton Plumbing, no longer need to stress yourself with those annoying plumbing noises. The company offers prompt services and their team uses modern tools and follows uniform standards to provide exceptional service.

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