Appliance Repair Christchurch – Save Time and Money by Detecting Washer Issues ASAP

Thursday 25 February 2016, 7:18PM
By Appliance Guy


The washer is probably one of the most taken for granted appliances in your home. Until something goes wrong, some barely pay attention. With so much wear and tear, your washer is bound to experience problems after a few years of mounds of laundry.

It pays to keep an eye out on some repair issues to avoid the need for replacement or repair.

For example, if the washer begins to rock during the spin cycle, it will make a racket. This occurs when the washer is off balance or there are too many clothes inside. Keeping it that way for long may result in damage to other components, such as a loose drum or motor.

Another problem washers often experience is a malfunctioning agitator. The agitator is a device in the middle of top-loading machines that jerks back during the rinse or wash cycle. If the motor keeps engaging but the agitator stops, the transmission is bad.

If something is wrong with the transmission, you can drain water but the spin cycle might not engage. Without it, you can’t remove water from the clothes, resulting in an overworked dryer. This wastes energy and causes the dryer to wear out faster.

Washers can also experience water pump trouble, delayed cycle selections and clogged filters. Failure to address these problems immediately will cost you time and money. You can do some repairs on your own, but if you want to make sure, hiring a professional is the better choice.

Appliance Guy helps you sort your washing machine problems in no time. With their experience in fixing white ware problems, they guarantee on-time professional service that gets your washer up and running again. When you give them a call, you talk directly to one of their experienced technicians, who offer sound advice over the phone.

The white ware service company carries a selection of spare parts in their vans, so they can repair most faults right on the spot. Due to their fully equipped shop and trained team, only one visit is enough to address your concerns.

For all of your appliance repairs in Christchurch, trust Appliance Guy. Aside from washers, the shop also specialises in cook top and freezer repairs.  Schedule your service by calling 344 1530 or 0800 233 153, or by visiting their website at