Apartment Living Driving Auckland Storage Demand

Friday 1 July 2016, 12:25PM
By Storage Auckland


Auckland house prices are becoming further and further out of reach for first home buyers, and many people are turning to apartment living for affordable housing. John Key reckons that Aucklanders will need to get used to apartment living if they are to help the solve the housing undersupply problem. The move to small apartments, often without a garage, reduces the space for funiture and equipment in a home. Renting a storage unit is an affordable option for storing excess household items.

Space Station is an Auckland storage company that provides self storage, located in Parnell for easy access for people who commute or have central apartments. Space Station has over 900 units available at a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Use their Storage Calculator ( to find out how much space you need.

The exorbant Auckland house prices will not last forever, so self storage is an ideal option for tying over until a larger house is in your price range.