Sustainable Insurance: Hows your Financial Wellness?

Thursday 7 July 2016, 2:57PM
By Sustainable Insurance Brokers


Your Financial Adviser is most likely one of those people like your Doctor or Dentist who you know should talk regularly but put off due to procratination or fear. At Sustainable we understand this is normal for our client and new customers.

That is why we offer a free financial wellness checkup whenever you need it. For most of us like the doctor this is once a year. Why so often well just like the doctor says prevention is the best form of medicine so knowing what is going on with your finances can save you from any nasty surprises that may sneak up.

Whats involved in a Financial Wellness review?

Farida Davis Financial Adviser and  Director of Sustainable Mortgage and Insurance Brokers explains: "At a financial wellness review we will check how your mortgage is structered and what interest rate you are on, how well you are covered for your home, contents, personal and business insurances, how your retirement planning is going with KiwiSaver and if your self employed that you have the best ACC structure for your needs. "

These reviews normally take between half an hour to an hour are free of charge. There is nothing being sold to you in a review or forms to sign so people can relax that we are providing advice onlyin a review."

Recently the FMA released the findings that: 

Females aged 18 to 29 were also the ones most likely to say they did not recall receiving a statement at all.

For those who didn't read the statement the biggest barriers were that it was too complicated or they weren't interested in it.

But just 23 per cent had checked to see if their KiwiSaver account was on track.

Its findings like these that leads us to provide the financial wellness review to help people all over NZ understand their current financial situation set a goal for the future and we help with the plan to get there.

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